Ritz Carlton Reserve Photo Walk

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After being sick and out of commission for over a week with the mosquito virus, Chikungunya, I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk around the Dorado Beach, Ritz Carlton Reserve property. The fresh air was much needed! I have to admit, I work on one of the most beautiful properties in the world. From the gorgeous beaches to the sub-tropical rainforest, there is beauty everywhere you look. Hopefully I was able to capture some of that beauty in my photographs. 

ALSO – Please visit my NEW ADDITION to the blog – the VIDEO section 😀

Photo & Video Update

Photography, Thoughts

WAHOO! I’ve finally had time edit some video footage and photos from the last couple of months. I have to say, I absolutely love my GoPro Hero3 – it’s been attached to my hand both above water and underneath it. I really love creating little video summaries of the adventures I have here in Puerto Rico.

The video below is a promotional video I made for our Underwater Photography activity at work:

And here are some various underwater photos I’ve taken with my GoPro Hero3 🙂

Here are some photos from my trip to Belize in May:

Look Outside… The Lines

Photography, Thoughts
Credit: Chanel Hason

Credit: Chanel Hason | Sabah, Malaysia

Photography takes me to a special place. It is an art. Your photographs define, in a lot of ways, how you perceive the world around you. I enjoy capturing images of objects that most people would simply dismiss. Take for example the image above of a dent in the side of a palm tree. It may not be traditionally seen as ‘beautiful’ to many people, but this to me was something I couldn’t pass up photographing. I enjoy the textures of nature – they are so lush, incredible, unique, and never the same. So my mission for you today is to find beauty in the world around you – open your senses to the world and it will surprise you 🙂 

“When nature suffers because it is destroyed by human activities, the notion of beauty is really losing its meaning, because nothing is more aesthetic than the natural beauty.” 
― Marieta Maglas

Full Moon(Walk)


Sometimes you come across videos that are so amazing, that you have to share it with everyone you know. This is one of those videos. A man is stationed a mile away with his camera, while his friend free climbs up a rock pillar, then proceeds to walk back and forth across a high line attached to another rock pillar. The moon is so huge and beautiful, it looks fake. Take a peek:



Also I wanted to share some fun news- I finally splurged and bought myself the Canon EOS 60D Camera! It should arrive on my doorstep at the beginning of next week 🙂 So be sure to look out for new amazing photos. I know I will go trigger happy for quite a while…haha…I’m already so giddy and it’s not even here yet! I’m also still on the job hunt for those who have been following that. Keep an ear and eye open for anything you think I might enjoy/be good at. It’s much appreciated.


I also started a Facebook Page for Photography+Science=Chanel ! It seemed that a lot of bloggers are doing/have done this, so I needed to get my butt on the same bandwagon. Please be sure to “like” it! Social media has taken over all of our lives – it’s about time we all connected via Facebook 🙂 I’ll post fun things each day – like inspirational ocean/environmental quotes, news stories, and videos.