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I started my Bucket List a couple years ago. Let me tell you, it’s the BEST feeling in the world to cross an item when you complete it. If you haven’t already- I suggest you start one too! I know a couple people have told me they started their own list after reading mine. GO FOR IT- you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

In no particular order…here we go:

1) Go Skydiving (anywhere in the world) (I won the SkyDiving Adventure Package contest! – THANK YOU Bucket List Publications

High above San Diego, CA!

2) SCUBA Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Sea Cucumber-Great Barrier Reef

3) Visit the Galapagos Islands- and swim with all the amazing creatures there- possibly go on one of the National Geographic boat trips!

4) Zip-line through a forest

Toro Verde Zip Line

5) Kiss in the rain Sorry no photo for that 😉

6) Study Abroad in a foreign country

University of Queensland-Saint Lucia. Australia!

7) Backpack through Europe

8 ) Go to the Olympics

9) Swim with wild Humpback Whales

10) Buy a rescued dog/puppy

11) See the Northern Lights

12)Volunteer with marine animals

Asian Small Clawed Otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Octopus Feeding Time- Monterey Bay Aquarium!

13) Go on an African Safari

14) Meet my relatives in Slovakia

15) SCUBA the Red Sea

16) Touch the Pyramids in Egypt

17) Change someone’s life for the better (they told me so)

18) Dance around the Moai (giant heads) on Easter Island

19) Volunteer in a country after a natural disaster

20) Build homes for the homeless

21) Sporadically jump on a plane without a plan

22) Win something on a gameshow/tv show

23) Visit America’s largest aquarium- Georgia Aquarium!!

24) Graduate College- Bachelors

CSUMB Graduate.

25) Graduate College- Masters or Ph.D.

26) Name a new species (marine organism preferred)!

28) See Incubus in Concert

Brandon Boyd- Incubus HQ Private Show

29) Get married to a man who treats me more than ordinary

30) Have a child

31) Get a tattoo

32) Watch a volcano erupt

33) Get into Disneyland’s private club- Club 33

Club 33
My Aunt and I- Inside Club 33

34) Learn how to play the drums or bass

35) Be in a Flash Mob (like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EYAUazLI9k)

36) Run a half-marathon (I’ve RAN 3 5K’s so far..)

37) Run a full marathon!

38) Go to the Playboy Mansion

39) Be in a music video (this wasn’t on my bucket list because the thought didn’t cross my mind- but I just got the opportunity to be in one yesterday (1/9/11) and I did! I’ll post the link to the video when it comes out 🙂 )

Daniel Bedingfield’s Music Video

40) Meet my favorite actor – Robin williams. unfortunately this bucket list dream did not happen on time… #riprobin2014

41) Work for Discovery or National Geographic (both amazing companies that do phenomenal things each and every day that I’d be honored to be a part of)

42) Sell one of my drawings (or more!)

43) Sell one/or more of my photographs

44) See the Grand Canyon (particularly at sunset)

45) Ride in a hot air balloon

46) Go on a cruise to Alaska

47) Dive with Great White Sharks

48) Visit all 7 continents ( Been to so far: North America & Australia)

49) Be an “extra” in a film

50) Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans

51) Ride a horse around the Santa Anita Race Track

52) Be in the New Years Rose Bowl Parade

53) Fly in a helicopter

54) Live and work on a tropical island  Naturalist for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment program at the dorado beach, ritz carlton reserve in Puerto rico.

Chanel Naturalist

55) Swim with a Mola Mola (sunfish)

56) Dive a ship wreck

57) Hike the Himalayas

58) Become a Dive Master

59) See the Pink Dolphins in the Amazon

60) Do the splits (a flexible goal!)

61) Spend New Years Eve in a new place every year starting 2012 : 2012-Hollywood, 2013- Marina Del rey, 2014 – Puerto Rico

62) See Orca Whales in the wild

63) See the world’s largest animal to ever live – the Blue Whale

64) Meet Sylvia Earl

65) Meet Jean-Michel Cousteau


66) Dive with Humboldt Squid

67) Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Australia

68) Climb a glacier in New Zealand

69) Learn how to dirt bike


71) See a movie at the Hollywood CEMETERY

FOX Sleepy Hollow Advanced Screening
FOX Sleepy Hollow Advanced Screening

72) Scuba Dive the Great blue hole in Belize

73) Swim with Manta Rays


75) attend a super bowl

76) watch a dallas cowboys game in their new stadium

77) Hike half dome in yosemite

78) Go to burning man


  1. I like the goal to name a new species, since that will be down in the books. You have many great things to see and do on your bucket list! Disneyland has a private club? How do you get access?

    1. Yeah I entered a contest to name a new tube worm species..but unfortunately didn’t win. I’d love to name a species- especially if I discovered it 🙂 Yes Disneyland has a private club- called Club 33- there are only about 250 members. There is a 5 year waiting list to become a member- in which you have to pay $20,000 each year. It’s in New Orleans town by the Pirates of the Caribbean- on the second floor. My boss had a hook-up with a man who has been a member forever-and Walt Disney actually gave him his membership. It was expensive- but it was definitely worth it! Delicious food, wine (the only place you can drink in the park), and great memories.

  2. Zowza. Ambitious. I was thinking up a bucket list. It seems woefully inadequate in comparison, but I guess I’m not that adventurous. Love the photography, love the science, and even the Pasadena, which is what brought me here! I Very interesting. I feel inspired. 🙂

  3. Hi Chanel,
    You have a great bucket list here. I too want to go skydiving, go on an African Safari, and sporatically buy a plane ticket to whatever destiation takes-off next. You however have checked off one of the activites that is high on my list: learn to scuba dive.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing, and I hope you get to cross a few more of these out sometime soon!

  4. Swimming with humpbacks is easier to do than it sounds. Check out Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos between December and March. I’ve done it a few times and it is life changing. Plus, Salt Cay is small, untouched, hot and beautiful; best place to do it!

    1. I am unfortunately going to be road-tripping to the Grand Canyon that weekend (bucket list item #44)- Wish I was free because I totally would have LOVED to tag along for that epic experience. I’ll be looking forward to your blog post about it!
      Cheers Lesley!

  5. I’m on a 2 week holiday in Florida at the minute and was fortunate enough to go swimming with dolphins today at Discovery Cove! Also had a lot of fun snorkelling with the fish and stingrays in the pools as well as the ‘sea venture’ attraction. I now have a new found love for marine life! Im planning on travelling in 2014 and all i want to do now is dive/snorkel, interact and learn more about these animals. Today was an amazing experience, it’s something everyone should do!

  6. Hey Chanel,

    It’s Lesley from Bucket List Publications. I hope you’re doing well.

    I recently entered a contest called Biggest Baddest Bucket List. The prize is an all expense paid trip around the world, $10,000 spending money, and $50,000 cash! I have a great shot at winning, but I need more votes. Here is the link: http://www.mydestination.com/users/lesley/bbb#tab.

    To vote, you just click on the links next to the video. Each one that you click on counts as a vote. It would be awesome if you could share it with your friends and family. You’ve proven that you have lots of support.

    This would be a bucket list dream come true! I can make it happen… with your help.

    “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”
    – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Bucket List Publications

    1. You’re welcome – thanks for checking my blog out too! Yes I’m getting to itch to cross another thing off the list soon..maybe a tattoo or a trip to the Grand Canyon is in my near future 😀

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