What Makes You Itch? (In a good way)

There are a couple of videos I want you to watch today. The first video is pitches the concept to do whatever makes you ‘itch’. What if money was not an option? What would you do? Would you be doing the job you have currently? Or would you be training lions, or hiking the tallest mountains on the globe, or be a SCUBA instructor on a tropical island?

Now that you feel inspired to do whatever your heart tells you – watch this video. It’s a compilation of amazing footage/adventures/funny moments in 2012. My uncle shared this video with me because he thought “it follows your philosophy to do everything in your Bucket List“. Each time I chat with him on Facebook, my uncle does nothing but encourages the pursuit of my dreams and relays how much of an inspiration I am to him and the rest of the world. He might be biased as my family member, but it’s truly such a good feeling to think that I have a positive effect on him and others. Enjoy 🙂

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