When Scientists Geek Out.

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Desecheo Island, Puerto Rico, Scuba Divers, Nurse Shark

As a marine biologist, I can’t even begin to list the amount of times I gleefully screamed or screeched underwater when I saw something astounding right before my own 2 blue eyes. Some underwater face to face encounters that stand out are: having a whale shark come straight towards me in Mexico, a giant cuttlefish staring at me in Australia, and multiple manatees in Puerto Rico. Heck, I couldn’t even form a sentence when I saw a huge manatee moving underneath me!

Yes, I totally was that nerd who sat on the floor in-front of the TV a couple of years ago after the Super Bowl to watch the first footage of a live giant squid caught on camera. And of course, I shed tears of happiness because cephalopods are some of my favorite animals on the entire planet. If there is ever an opportunity for me to go into a submersible 1000’s of feet below the surface, YOU BET I WOULD BE ON THAT SUCKER IN AN INSTANT!

So when I saw this video yesterday, I knew I would have gone just as crazy as one of those scientists operating the ROV. Can you imagine starting at a screen for HOURS and even DAYS just hoping that something interesting passing in front of your camera and lights 600m underwater? Then, BOOM! Check out what puts on quite a little show for these researchers 🙂 (Here’s the article if you want to read it as well)

We will never stop discovering new species in our oceans.

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It’s only the 4th day of the year and I’m all giddy because a new type of octopus was discovered- my favorite animal!! The “pale octopus” was found living 1.5 miles below the surface in the Southern Ocean. These new species were found near volcanic hydrothermal vents- which have changed the way scientists theorize how life developed in the deep ocean.

Credit: mirror.co.uk

Another animal discovery was a new type of “yeti crab.” I wrote about the discovery of one before actually on one post- so it’s exciting to report another one! The first yeti crab discovered in the South Pacific- was named because it had very hairy limbs and claws. The newly discovered crab had not only hairy limbs and claws- but a hairy chest TOO! The scientists really wanted to name it the “Hasselhoff crab”- so right now their nickname is “The Hoff”..oh silly scientists. These ghostly yeti crabs were about 15-16 cm, and formed in large dense groups on the hydrothermal vents.

There were new species of seastars, anemones, and barnacles to name a few.

The oceans are so vast and massive…we have only scratched the surface of what is out there. I’m excited to see what the next new species discovery will be. Humans aren’t meant to know EVERYTHING. Let there be some mystery on our planet still 🙂 That’s the fun of it!