Yesterday, June 8th, marked the 20th anniversary of World Oceans Day! Unfortunately I was super busy with work all week, so I wasn’t able to write a blog post yesterday- but now I have all the time in the world this morning so here  we go:

World Oceans Day was created in 1992- it’s meant to call attention to ocean pollution and combating global warming so our oceans and its creatures will be around for many decades to come. Currently, 16% of U.S. fish populations have been overfished (AND THE NUMBER KEEPS GROWING). There are so many more statistics I could post about how we are horribly and irresponsibly treating our oceans…I’ll refrain for the time being for another blog post rant 😉 But- here are some of my favorite ocean protection organizations which have plenty of statistics that will blow your mind:

If you couldn’t tell already from my blog thus far, I’m in love with the ocean. A piece of my heart will always belong to the marine environment ever since I went to Sea World when I was 4/5 years old:

Little Me!

My love for the oceans has lead me to some great accomplishments! I’ve swam with almost every creature at Sea World, researched on the Great Barrier Reef, swam with a Whale Shark in Baja, seen more whales than I can count, got Advanced and Rescue SCUBA Certified, and hopefully this list will continue until the day I die.

I am hoping that next year I can fulfill the marine science void that I’ve been experiencing working 40 mins from the ocean in a working in a totally different field than marine biology. But, life deals us the cards it does and all we can do is make the most out of them- and right now I’m going with the flow and providing a great life for myself. I’m just itching to move to a tropical island for 6 months or so 🙂 I’ll keep you updated!


California’s Annual Coastal Clean Up Day!

Happy Coastal Clean Up Day to everyone around the globe!

Today I was a site-captain for Monterey State Beach in Seaside, California through the Save Our Shores Organization. I had around 43 participants raging from groups consisting of boy/cub scouts, co-workers, friends, students,  and families.

We collect around 173 pounds of trash, and 35 pounds of recycling over a 3 hour period (or less) of walking up and down the beach. The most common occurrence was cigarette butts- a whopping 774 in total. There were lots of plastic and Styrofoam pieces as well.

Monterey State Beach

Here's Me!

Another View of Monterey State Beach

My Geology Prof. From Last Semester Showed Up With His Family! (Thanks For Coming Doug Smith!)

Everything worked out great this morning! The weather was unbeatable- sunny warm and beachy (for once in’s very very rare we get this awesome weather here if you are not familiar with the location). I even got a sunglasses tan!

Overall I just hoped that I helped embed into the minds of those who participated how much we need to stop relying and using plastics. Luckily I had a lot of people sign 2 petitions- one to ban single-use plastic bags in Marina CA- and one to ban Styrofoam takeout boxes restaurants use in Monterey County (and instead use biodegradable to-go boxes which a lot of restaurants have already converted to using around Monterey).

I enjoyed this experience a lot and I hope to continue volunteering as a site captain every year- no matter which part of California I will be in next year. 🙂