Welcome to my world.

So, after blogging for a year while I was studying abroad in Australia.. I realized that I miss blogging. A lot. It’s not only some place where you can regurgitate thoughts and feelings, but also a place where you can share pictures and videos to friends and strangers. And your thoughts will live on through history via the world wide web. HOW GREAT!

Blogging also helps when you have a lot of time on your hands. Like myself. I’m working (technically) three jobs right now, with a lot of down time..if that doesn’t sound too ironic.

So here are my main topics: Science, Photography, Personal Thoughts

1) Science: In a job I had 4 years ago (my first job ever) when I was a freshmen in college, I was an intern for Oceana (non-profit ocean conservation organization– http://na.oceana.org/ ). Every morning I had to search the news for anything ocean related- compile and email- and send it out to the whole Oceana organization. This kept me up-to-date with all the ocean news around the globe and I really enjoyed it. So I want to do something similar for this blog.

Not only do I enjoy discussing all things marine, but I also enjoy other aspects of the nature. Astronomy has been a secret love of mine, after the ocean. Stars FASCINATE me. If I could I would live in Yosemite (my favorite spot to watch the night sky) to just star gaze every evening.

I also have just recently been fascinated with geology. Thanks to Doug Smith, my CSUMB Geology/Hydrology class professor last semester, I have become more knowledgeable about our Earth and how it came to be. I swear, I can’t take a drive anywhere without looking at the sides blown out of mountains/hills where the freeway could be placed through- and seeing what kind of rocks/minerals and orientation they are in.

Who’s a nerd? Me. And I’m darn proud of it 🙂

2) Photography: So as you know I love nature. And photographing nature has become very apparent in my photography collection. It began when I took Photography in High School- thanks Mr. Hogan-it opened my eye to the world and how to capture it on film. My love for photography started to evolve more in depth when I went to college and lived in Monterey Bay where natural beauty would unravel in front of my eyes every day.

My dad used to be a photographer back in the day, and he gave me his old Minolta 35mm camera. And after shooting a couple rolls of film, and ruining them because they didn’t rewind properly,  I realized that the camera had a broken piece. So, my nice friend Nick Kova allowed me to use his 35mm camera, which I took to Australia as well. Shooting film, without fancy digital help, is so much more real and vibrant and fun. It’s also the thrill of developing a roll that gets me excited as well.

I got a very nice Canon digital camera before I went abroad to Australia for a year to document my life and nature. I LOVED IT! Now I want to take it everywhere I go where I know there will be the opportunity to get some great shots. Unfortunately, me and my lens-cap have a bad relationship. Somehow I keep losing my lenscap, like between the cracks of a pier, then jumping 20 feet down into the ocean (at dusk), on the Great Barrier Reef, where there are lots of sharks swimming, to get it, hypothetically speaking of course..(seriously though).

3) Personal Thoughts: Kind of self- explanatory..sometimes I need a medium to rant about something on my mind (worth sharing), that I’ll put on here.

So bookmark, or remember this website because I’ll enjoy comments and the love from all of you while I go along this journey of blogging.



  1. What a great idea to start a blog. I too am very depressed about the animals, mammals, and many creatures that are dying due to the oil spill. Let us not forget the people too, who have lost their fishing jobs, or rely on things from the sea to sell to others. It seems our world is deteriorating quickly, especially in the last 5 years. Its good that we have young people such as yourself who can turn things around, who care about the environment and want to make it better!

  2. HI CHANEL! Angela and I are done with uni (and missing Australia terribly)! I’m so glad you started this. I’ve always loved your photography so I can’t wait to see more of your work! Plus, the sciency bit of the blog would be really useful too. Rock on! 🙂

    1. O thanks Michelle! Aaahhh congrats on finishing Uni! I know I still miss Australia a lot…
      I know I’m excited I started this blog too- I hope you check it out when you can. I love hearing from you 🙂
      And I also hope you learn something new each time too!

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