Oil everywhere, but not a drop to turn into gasoline.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/06/caught_in_the_oil.html

So of course it is now widely known across the globe about BP’s oil spill catastrophe on April 20th, 2010.

Thousands of wild animals are being thrown in this tidal wave of disaster with no way out.  Especially with Hurricane Alex moving along in the Gulf at the moment, the oil is being tossed and turned up consuming everything in it’s path.

Personally, if I could financially allow myself to take a month off and go down and help clean up I would in a heart beat.  It’s going to take a VERY VERY long time before this oil is all cleaned up. There is no way of knowing when the oil will stop leaking, for only mother earth knows that fact. It’s like and endless champagne bottle eruption that lasts for months!

Greedy humans are the blame for this mess. We take and take and take, and that’s it. Our dependence on fossil fuels has reached a point of no return, and now more than ever we need to change our bad habits into new sustainable ones.  If I could afford a hybrid I would buy one..I’d really prefer a vehicle that ran on something I could produce myself (sustainability + cheap) and that I didn’t have to rely on from huge companies that exploit my money.

How do you feel about this issue?


  1. SO, this is definitely a can of worms. Alot of our greatness as a civilization comes from oil, natural resources and harnessed energy, not all of which are especially eco-friendly. I know its hard to not generalize us all as greedy humans, even though there ARE alot of us, BUT alot of the reasons for our dependence on oil and the BP shit-fan debacle are maybe less clearly solvable than greedy big timing companies heads (again, of which there are many). Progress, and world stability through transportation of trade and or even in-country food needs make for a more muddled solution. Some areas just can’t support the population living there w/o food coming in. (overpopulation is another can of worms that I think is for another blog) Also, i think alot of people just don’t know shit about the kinds of things that go on outside of themselves, People magazine, and or MTV. Ya its an exaggeration but not by much I think. so educating everyone about the kinds of things we face environmentally is a must. The fact that this is also an enormous disaster and will take a long time to clean up, means that it will be fresh on everybody’s mind about where to point the finger. The bigger picture, as well, draws away from the oil. War, politics and of course, $$$. they’re all synergistic and that makes for a multi-faceted solution that’s no easy quick fix. Again, its my take on a shitty situation based on what I feel are facts, conjecture and just plain old brash opinions. take it with some helpings of salt.

    1. thanks alex for voicing your opinion!

      this is what i’m hoping this blog turns out to be. i love to hear different points of view. of course I didn’t diverge all of my thoughts and feelings because that would cause lots of uproar and commotion, but i’m intrigued to hear what others think. gracias.

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