Machete in hand.

Yesterday, I went out to a creek bed that only flows seasonally (termed: perennial) to help out a grad student with his masters thesis project.

Basically, me and two fellow compadres took 2 machetes and 1 pair of clippers and began clearing out trees, and plants in order to take a longitudinal profile analysis of the creek (geology geek stuff). For a total of 5 hours. Then of course we stopped for a Pacifico and some nachos afterwards as a reward 🙂 That is after we got stuck behind a gate after the farmer locked it before we were done…that was an adventure to try and find the key/combo to get out.

Wow. If you have any built-up anger- definitely take a machete to some plants (especially invasive ones!). Now my palms are bruised…and I’ve got to pour wine all day at Joullian.

But anywho thought I’d share some 35mm film pics I took on a hike in Big Sur a couple weeks ago. No one has seen them but me. Enjoy!

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