Sense of Touch Influences our Decisions..

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ran six tests on random people in the street to see whether the objects they were touching had any influence on their decisions

Test 1:

People were asked to judge a job candidate by their resume- one was on a hard clipboard, while the other was on a light clipboard.

RESULT: When asked the rate the seriousness of the candidate on a scale from 1-9 -> those with the heavy clipboard were judged as more serious than the light clipboard applicants.

Test 2:

Volunteers sat on hard, and soft chairs when asked if willing to change their price in a hypothetical car purchase.

RESULT: The volunteers in the SOFT chairs were more willing to change their prices. So watch out when you are about to purchase a new car and they make you sit in a Lazy-Boy chair at the car dealership-keep your guard up!

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  1. Actually, I understand the soft seat thing. I tried the Honda Civic hybrid, but didnt buy it because of the hard seat. The Honda fit seat fit my body better. I don’t think I would ever carry a clip board, hard or soft to a interview. I take a portfolio instead. 🙂

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