Blue Whales Have Great Pitch.

If you didn’t know already- Blue whales are the largest animals to EVER live on this great big planet of ours.  That means that blue whales were larger than any dinosaur that ever lived. Pretty amazing feat if I do say so myself.


Researchers from San Fran State University have discovered that blue whales (from the North Pacific) are able to synchronize the pitch of their calls with a very VERY high level of accuracy. In saying so- they have a very low margin of error from call to call.

The reason why they have such uniform pitch could be used in the process of finding a potential mate by swimming away/or towards them.


Studies have concluded so far that only the male whales produce songs (the same goes for Humpback whales). If only humans would do the same…I feel like in the animal kingdom- males seem to do some elaborate dances/shows/performances to try and attract a mate. But with humans- I feel like the males are kind of slacking in that “wow” department. Step it up guys!

One of my favorite performances is by the bird of paradise male. Check out this clip from Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series.

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