My Photo Update: Slow Shutter Speed (FINALLY!)

Alright- so one of my first blogs talked about how I wanted to shoot some slow shutter speed pictures. And FINALLY last week I shot some successful (I guess..) shots. Basically it included: the beach, a fire pit, a mix of families, beer, headlamps, and shooting stars.

1: Just the fire itself with a little long exposure.

2: My boyfriend Jack made a circle with his aunt’s headlamp

3: Randy stands still while Jack outlines his boddddy

4: Jack then proceeds to spell his name. Although he forgot that he has to spell it the opposite way- so it came out K-C-A-J

The Roaring Fire
Test Run
Highlighting Randy

I think for my first long exposure it turned out pretty cool! Still not perfect by any means- but I like them 🙂

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