Jellyfish Helping Out With Solar Energy

Hey out there to the Blog World.

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the postings that I have previously been doing everyday- but with school starting up back this semester (my last semester)- free time is getting more hard to come by.  That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you though!

Here is a fun story on how jellyfish are helping out with solar energy production. Piles of green goo made up of living cells – originating from jellyfish to algae – are now being recruited to produce (cheaper!) solar power.

Researchers in Sweden are creating a photovoltaic device based on green fluorescent protein (for short: GFP) from the jellyfish species Aequorea victoria– also known as the Water Jellyfish.

The researchers deposit 2 aluminum electrodes with a very small space in-between them into a substrate of silicon dioxide.  Then the doplet of green fluorescent protein is added on top, which then the protein assembles itself into strands between the electrode gap.

A UV light is exposed onto the GFP- it then absorbs the photons and emits electrons, which travel around a circuit to produce- you guessed it- ELECTRICITY! Amazing right?

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