Let’s talk about love, baby

I am a sucker for love. I am a hopeless romantic and get butterflies still when I get a love letter unexpectedly in the mail (probably because it rarely happens). So of course I gravitated to this next story I am about to tell you about. It of course includes cool science research 🙂

So it seems as though- the time it takes to “fall in love” is a lot faster than going on several dates over a couple months and sharing secrets and all that jazz with a significant other. Instead- it only takes about 1/5th of a second! Jeez if we knew that then we would save a lot more money on dates that would lead to nothing down the road.

Also- 12 areas of the brain work together during the process of LOOOVEEE. The high you feel when you are in love– is similar to cocaine’s rush (I wouldn’t know..but that’s what the story said).  The chemicals released when the love bug bites are adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine and vasopressin. All of which make you feel AMAZINGLY fantastically happy.

These researchers also found out that: Love is good for you.

The nerve growth factor of those couples who had fallen in love were significantly higher than those who were not in love. You may ask yourself- why would higher nerve growth factor be important? Well it’s important because it is crucial to the survival of sympathetic and sensory neurons- also that it can reduce neural degeneration (aka your brain is a lot healthier and stronger!!!).

Be on the lookout for new research about how fast the speed of love in the human brain is…it’s still in the making.

Hope you fall is love if you haven’t already. It’s the best feeling in the world ❤ and it’s good for your BRAIN!

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