Sad News For Dolphins…

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of good news updates right now about the ocean and it’s inhabitants. The Gulf of Mexico is still being hit hard from the oil spill. I know that it’s been out of the news for awhile now, and I’m sure out of people’s minds…but it’s still a huge negative reality- not only for ocean animals, but for people and children being affected by the chemicals.

Right now- around 20 dolphin calves have washed up dead on shore around the Mississippi/Alabama shores.  The reason of their death is still unclear- but it will most likely be linked to the 205.8 million gallons of crude oil that was spilled into the gulf.

The second story I want to share is about grey whales. I just saw 3 grey whales when I was up in Monterey at the beginning of February- they were gorgeous!  Currently, the most critically endangered whale is the Western North Pacific Gray Whale which can be found off the coast of Russia.  But plans for a new oil rig off the coast of Russia will be very harmful to the Gray Whale habitat. With less than 100 individuals whales alive, increased noise pollution could further endanger this species when tying to find their food. Thus another example of how our human consumerism pretty much wins over other animals’ lives.


  1. Interesting to note, we’re told to watch out for a particular gray whale who is from that Western Pacific Population, he was tagged and stopped transmitting about a week ago approx. 50 mi or so north of Monterey! So this guy came across the Bering sea and is heading south with his Eastern Pacific homies. crazy shit huh?

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