Let’s Sing.

So do you watch the TV Show Glee? I LOVE IT! On the show, there is a lot of singing and harmonizing involved- and each time I watch it, I’m jealous of all of their amazing voices. Trust me, I don’t subject too many people to my singing karaoke often haha.

On this lovely hump day, I thought I’d share some amazing YouTube videos of choirs and singing groups that do some renditions of some songs you might be familiar with. They are great! Hope they put a smile on your face, and a send your foot a tappin’.

And last but not least- here is Straight No Chasers doing the song Wonderfall. One of my all time favorite songs! 🙂 Enjoy


    1. Oh Melanie it’s so good to see your comment- thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Haha there actually is a “like” button at the end of the post with a golden star next it. Miss you too- it’s gorgeous here in LA today hope it’s nice up north too!!

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