People these days..Does anyone care for the ocean + animals anymore?

I’ve got a couple new stories that I would like to share with you tonight.  There are some disappointing stories, then I’ll leave you with a happy video 🙂

1) Squid, Cuttlefish, and Octopus Negatively Effected by Ocean Noise Pollution

Research published on April 11, 2011- concluded that that short exposures to low-intensity, low-frequency sound can have a detrimental effects on the balance systems of squid, cuttlefish, and octopus.

Noise pollution: consists of sounds resulting from human activities. Such as, oil-drilling, shipping, commercial fishing, and sonar. All of these activities emit low-frequency sounds, which have been traced to affect not only whales and dolphins, but now cephalopods.

Strandings of giant squid in 2001 and 2003 off the coast of Spain rose concern for some researchers. The strandings coincided with nearby ocean seismic surveys- where air guns were used to send low-frequency bursts of sound to obtain an image of the ocean floor (mostly for the purpose of finding oil).

All the stranded squid had one common feature- which was damage to their statocysts. These organs are balloonlike sacs lined with sensitive hair cells which is used to maintain the animal’s balance/position in the water. Holes were found in all the stranded squid’s statocysts, raising the possibility that low-intensity sound can cause this type of damage. More research is already in the process pertaining to why this ocean noise can have this large of an effect on these creatures. I’ll keep you updated. Here is a picture of a damaged statocysts inside one of the research squid found off of Spain.

Overall- I feel we as a human race need to step back from our actions and truly take into consideration our effects on the planet. So much I feel is hidden from the general public- that so many of us are unaware of what is REALLY happening out there. Keep yourself educated. Thank you for reading my blog- that’s one way of getting ocean/nature related news.

Credit: Laboratori d'Aplicacions Bioacústiques, Universitat Politènica de Catalunya

2) China: Selling Live Animals as Key Rings

It was really difficult to read this news article today without wanting to throw something.  Chinese sidewalk vendors have recently put onto the market live animals sealed in plastic bags which you can attach to your keys. SERIOUSLY?!

If you don’t believe me: here is a photo. Just so you know- this is LEGAL in the country of China.


The bags come with either a tiny Brazil turtle, or 2 small kingfish. The animals are trapped inside a plastic pouch with no air holes, food, or space! I just can’t understand how this is considered legal..baffles me. The salesmen claim that the colored water the animals are in contain “nutrients” which can sustain them for several months. Somehow, I call bluff on this statement. It’s not right for these animals to be trapped in a small space, with a very small amount of air, and dangling around all day on someone’s keyring.

3) A Feline makes some Flipper’ed Friends!

Ok and now time for some cute animal friends. Enjoy!

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