Pasadena’s 125 Birthday!!

Today- June 19 2011-is the official 125 anniversary of the City of Pasadena, in California. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASADENA!  You have blossomed into such a beautiful town 🙂

The company that I work for, Pasadena Entertainment, was the presenting and entertainment sponsor for the Pasadena 125th Birthday celebration last weekend. From making sure bands moved on and off of the stages, and manning the bar, it was a long day of running all around the place for me. After a long day though, the day ended with the bar giving out free alcohol and dancing (guessing the two of those activities were somewhat connected).

The BIG shindig that attracted the most people to the event was the Le Cordon Bleu’s very large, heavy, and intricate cake.  The cake towered 6 feet, weighing between 400-500 pounds. The ingredients included 100 pounds of flour, 340 eggs, 80 pounds of sugar, 200 pounds of chocolate and 15 gallons of cream. GOLLY GEE! That’s quite a lot of sugar huh?!

There were lots of state and local government officials, including the Mayor of Pasadena, Bill Bogaard. Musical events occured throughout the whole event, including the incredible Ryan Cross, with Barbara Morrison bringing everyone up on their dancing feet at the end of the day.

Multiple citizens who were 100 years old and OLDER were showcased at the event! I took one picture of a woman who was 105…wow could you imagine living that long?? All that she has seen change in the world? It was incredible. Here are some of the pictures I took at the event- hope you like them 🙂


  1. Great pic’s of the event. Pasadena is truly a great city, it is full of fun, such as all the events at the Rose Bowl, shopping down Colorado Blvd., betting at Santa Anita horse races, and going to the Arboretum to see Cal Phil concerts during the summer, sweet!!

  2. Great pictures Chanel! Glad someone was able to take pictures while they were working. Too bad we couldn’t have got you up on the roof with us; maybe next year! Anyways, they all look great

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