California Legislation PASSES Banning Shark Fin Trade!

Thank goodness I live in California- this week the CA Legislature sent Gov. Brown a bill banning the sale, trade or possession of shark fins. The legislation passed 25-9 in the CA State Senate! Two senators had the audacity to say that bill was “racist” because shark fins were used in some Asian cultures as a delicacy…I’m sorry I don’t care if you consider it a delicacy- capturing sharks, cutting their fins off, and dropping them back into the water is cruel, and horrid. An estimated 25-73 million innocent sharks are killed each year for their fins…so sad.

Associated Press/LA Times

The bill was introduced by Assembly member Paul Fong- and it was supported by my very own Senator from PASADENA Carol Liu!!! She stated that this bill was needed to protect endangered shark species. I live in Pasadena, and I’m so happy to see that she was behind this bill- go Carol!

Shark fins can be sold for $600/lb and even $80 for a bowl of SOUP! Ridiculous I say.

Jay Directo/Getty Images

San Diego based Sentaor, Christine Kehoe, carried the bill through Senate. She mentions that California has the second highest demand for shark fins outside of Asia. Kehoe estimates that 85% of dried shark fin imports to the US come through California- making this legislation of uttermost importance with the restriction of shark fin trade throughout the US and abroad.

Celebrities like Bo Derek, Yao Ming, and organizations such as Oceana, Humane Society of the US and the Humane Society International, rejoiced with this victory.

Co-sponsoring the bill was the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Center for the Future of the Oceans. I used to volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium– they have such an amazing impact on the world with their efforts in protecting our oceans and ocean creatures.

Another co-sponsor of the bill was the Asian Pacific American Ocean Harmony Alliance. Although, some Chinese-American Senators felt different about the legislation. But Chris Chin, an executive director of San Fran-based Center of Oceanic Awareness, Research and Education, wrote in an email mentioning that policymakers were targeting a major CAUSE of shark mortality rather than a specific ETHNIC group. I concur Chris.

Let’s hope Gov. Jerry Brown does the right thing.


  1. It’s about time a government body banned the trade of such barbaric trade! some of these sharks have had their fins cut while alive and thrown back in the sea!

    1. Andy,
      California is certainly not the first to take action. Hawai’i was the first State to ban fins. Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) were next. Washington was the first State in the continental U.S. to pass and sign into law a shark fin ban, and Oregon was right behind it.

      We’re very excited about the Senate vote this week, and are grateful to Chanel for sharing/spreading the word, but it’s not a done deal yet. California’s Governor still has to sign the bill, and he has another 30 days to take action (sign or reject). We encourage California residents to contact his office to urge him to sign AB 376. (

      – Christopher

      1. Hello Chris,

        Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I definitely sent Gov. Brown my 2 cents about making the right choice for this legislation to pass.

        Feel free to keep up with my blog- and I hope to see more of your comments soon 🙂


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