Great White Shark SAVED By A California Surfer!

Usually the words “great white shark” and “surfer” have negative, bloody, and sometimes deadly connotations. But not today!! 😀

A couple days ago in Venice Beach, some surfers saw a great white shark south of the Venice pier with a hook in its mouth. They instinctively decided to grab it- and you guessed it- get that hook outta there!

Here is an amateur video of the event. Although the handling of the shark could have been a little more gentle and less stressful on the young shark- It was still a great act of kindness from the surfers. After all, the shark wouldn’t have gotten a hook in its mouth without humans around. Am I right, or am I right?

You’ll see in the video that a couple of the surfers pull the shark out of the water- and one man actually sticks his hand down the mouth of the Great White to get the hook out. No one knows if the shark survived- I sure hope he/she did.

Random acts of kindness benefit not only humans, but animals too. Remember that!


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