GREEN Google.

Google came out with the top searched “green” terms for this year. They are quite intriguing to learn.

Most Popular Sustainable Topics
1. Sustainable Development
2. Sustainable Energy
3. Sustainable Agriculture

Most Popular Environmental Topics
1. How to Compost
2. What is Vegan
3. What Causes Earthquakes  (I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT! Thanks Doug Smith)

Most Popular Rare Wild Animals
1. Red Panda   (They are really adorable)
2. Ocelot
3. Tapir

Most Popular Alternative Energy Types
1. Solar (I’m all about it)
2. Nuclear Power
3. Wind Energy (What about ocean currents turning the turbines?!)

Most Popular Hybrid and Alternative Vehicles
1. Prius  (Who doesn’t have one?)
2. Chevy Volt
3. Smart Car

Most Popular Search for What People Are Reusing
1. Reusable Bags  (I definitely have my fair share of those..)
2. Reusable Diapers
3. Reusable Water Bottles (Klean Kanteen all the way!)

Most Popular Waste Disposal Methods
1. Garbage Island (Eww)
2. e waste recycling
3. Apple recycle

Here is a little video that sums up the “green” search terms nicely 🙂

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