Guys, Take It From a Girl: Great Valentine’s Day Ideas

What a perfect image that I randomly came across?? It has a squid and is about Valentine's Day?! PERFECTION

Alright- so this will be the first time I’m single in 3 years on Valentine’s Day. Not too big of a deal- I always butter myself up anyways on that day with purchasing a couple giant chocolate covered strawberries whether I’m single or taken. You’ve got to love yourself first, am I right?

Well even though I’m not going to feel the love from a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day- I thought I’ll be the helping hand in other people’s relationships (I’m so nice right? Haha). Gentlemen- girls want to feel special on the big V-Day. If you get her a box of chocolate, and a dozen roses.. congratulations. You did the same thing and most men out there who waited until the last-minute and stopped by a grocery store on the way home. Not a good idea.

I’ve brainstormed a few things that I’d appreciate, and I’m a girl, so that should mean something right? YES. Today I went on an online shopping kick. I CAN’T STOP..very dangerous. But I came across some great sites- for some relatively cheap awesome unique gifts for guys to purchase/do for their ladies (or even visa-versa).  You don’t have to break the bank to make it a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

1) – This is a great website to buy jewelry without breaking the bank. Yes Tiffany’s is awesome- but not necessary. InPink has everything ranging from $10-$70. Their jewelry is fashionable, beautiful, and a perfect compliment to your deserving lady. She’ll be impressed you thought outside of the box from the normal jewelry realtors.. trust me. Girls are impressed you took the time to find something just for them-especially when they find out you asked their friends or family for their opinions of what you’d like.

2) LivingSocial Escapes / Bloomspot Travel / Groupon Getaways : If you haven’t signed up for Groupon, LivingSocial, or Bloomspot yet…slap yourself. It really is one of the best ideas EVER- over 50% off on literally everything you could imagine. LivingSocial Escapes has some of my favorite pocket-saving getaways- I can pick hotels/resorts close to me still in California or across the ocean on a private island in Fiji. LISTEN UP GUYS: girls love being pampered. If you really look into a 3-day weekend escape- whether it be in Yosemite in a cabin, or at a spa in Palm Springs, or the Tropicana in Vegas- she’ll LOVE IT.

Carmel Valley, CA- Joullian Vineyards

3) A Picnic: It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s thoughtful, and it’s cheap. Planning a picnic at the park, or at the beach is a perfect way to spend one-on-one time with the one you love. One of my favorite dates was a full on picnic next to the ocean with great food and beverage from Whole Foods 🙂 YUM.

4) Flowers: It’s super cliche of course- but even if you think a girl doesn’t like flowers…they really do. No matter how tom-boyish or chill they are– GIRLS LIKE FLOWERS. It’s embedded in our brains from a young age that guys give flowers- whether they do it on a holiday/anniversary, or even when they screw up (but don’t put yourself in that position anyways). If you are in LA– going to Downtown Flower District to get your flowers- they have every single flower imaginable and for a price that you won’t believe.I personally love orchids- I don’t really care for all the “norm” flowers like roses or carnations- everyone goes for the easy bet. Try picking out new and exciting flowers or an arrangement for Valentine’s Day. ALSO- it’s ok to get flowers JUST BECAUSE too. Keep your woman happy and do little things for her that she doesn’t expect every once a month or so. She deserves it-and hopefully she does the same for you.


5) Make Something: I’m very artsy craftsy and photographer-y. So on Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries I like to give gifts that I would also appreciate if I had gotten them too. I wrote poems and printed them with pictures of us together- I created a collage of pictures from trips we took together. It’s those precious moments that I share with a person, that I love having something to remember it by. Use your imagination- think outside the box- and use your head and hands to create something unique just for her. Anything made from the heart will be perfect.

6) Scavenger Hunt: Women are impressed when men plan ahead. Very impressed. A scavenger hunt is always a fun idea- whether it’s simply clues around the house- or at different friend’s houses- or even just around town. Be creative! And have the final destination be amazing- like a candle lit dinner for two- or a bottle of champagne with cheese- or a little gift of some sort.

That’s all I have on my mind for now. Please feel free to share some other good ideas if you have any- or any gifts you’ve gotten on Valentine’s that were very memorable. I’m excited to hear what you all have to say 🙂

And if you’re single- no worries- don’t let it bog you down. Have fun with your other single friends- or just have a day to pamper and love yourself for a change. Let your family and friends know how much you love them too ❤


  1. I’m single this year. Haven’t been in 7. I think I’ll try and impress a girl with #4 and #5 though. Don’t wanna go crazy fancy for someone I don’t know that well. But I like the idea of getaways, that will be on the to do.

    Before I could drive and I did some “long distance” thing, I did a how well you know me puzzle thing in which answers would unlock a rar file with pictures and stuff inside.

    1. Hey there- well please let me know if you try any of the ideas I proposed 🙂 I’d love to hear the end result. If I can help make someone else’s life happy- then my goal is accomplished 🙂

      I totally love your puzzle that you made! How creative- I bet she loved it 🙂 It’s really the simple things that make a girl smile. Remember that.

      Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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