New 35mm Photos- Julian and the Huntington Library!

Finally I pulled out the ole’ 35mm camera to snap some shots recently. I love the feeling of developing film. Even though it took me about a month to remember to go pick it up the photos..oops. I’m scared that the new generations will be so digital’ed out with their iPhones and Digital Cameras that they won’t appreciate how beautiful and amazing actual film is. There is no such thing as “Photoshop” when it comes to these film photos.

There are two different locations I took these 35mm photos:

1) Julian CA- where my mom and I visited for her birthday. It’s seriously the only town I’ve ever been to that produces the most amazing apple pie and apple cider. DELICIOUS!!! It’s a bit inland of San Diego. There are also some great camping spots close by 🙂

2) Huntington Library-Pasadena CA. This place is literally only blocks away from my house. It’s a beautiful escape from the busy streets of concrete reality. With rose gardens, Japanese and Chinese gardens, art museums, and much more- this is a must see location when you are in LA.

Here they are! Let me know which ones you like the best:

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