There’s Nothing Like the Yosemite Night Sky.

Yosemite holds a special place in my heart after spending a week backpacking there with my high school companions for our senior trip (SPHS 2006 baby!). Even though that was years ago, I still come back to it often.

Funny story about my trip to Yosemite- might be a little TMI but it’s ok- when our group stopped and decided to set camp next to a creek- “nature called” and I went behind a tree for some privacy. When I looked up- there was a huge group of deer hanging out about 25 feet away from me. I was staring at them (not going to lie, a little scared), and they were just staring right back… It was a bit awkward, but overall it was quite a funny experience that I crack up every time I think about it!

Hetch Hetchy : Yosemite circa 2006

This spark of Yosemite love that inspired this blog post came from this amazing video of Yosemite I stumbled upon today. It’s a time-lapse of different locations in the beautiful California National State Park of Yosemite. I fell in love with the sky in Yosemite- star-gazing and counting satellites and shooting stars is one of my favorite things. There’s something just amazing, mysterious, and beautiful about watching the night sky. We are just a small part of this universe- it’s insane to try to wrap one’s head around it. It’s one of my Bucket List items to hike Half Dome…one day one day. I can’t wait!

Enjoy this video- make it full screen on your computer and turn it up and relax for 5 minutes.


  1. I live less than 90 miles from Yosemite, and have probably only visited it 5 times. I would really like to hike into some of the more secluded areas, seeing that I am not a big crowd guy. I would love to hit golf balls off Half Dome! Sorry, this is the golf geek in me talking:)

    1. 5 times is more than me… Have you ever been to Hetch Hetchy? Not too many people go there. It’s beautiful with lots of waterfalls and creeks. Saw a bear there too! Haha don’t be sorry for being a golf geek- I’m sure you aren’t the only person with that idea 😉

      1. I have not, but have friends that have, and they say the same thing as you. I plan to get into the hills more this summer…seeing that I don’t work during June or July. Golf,fishing, and gym geek!

      2. No work June or July?! Lucky duck…my job keeps me super busy over the summer (I have no life basically haha). Well have all that fun for me too! I love fishing as well- as long as it’s catch and release 😉

      3. Yeah, I very rarely keep anything I catch. Sorry you have to work so much. I have come to realize that I would rather work less, make less, and enjoy my free time more. I am blessed to work at a school site that allows for some great perks. I coach golf during the spring, and I earn vast amounts of comp time during the fall, that equals lots of days off. Yup, over 8 years of college meant lots of summers/winter/spring breaks. I got myself trained to love free time.
        It is cool that I live in the central valley, I can drive an hour and a half and be in the mountains, or the beach.

      4. It’s ok- the rest of my year is when I have all the fun. Bur for June, July, and August my weeks and weekends are packed with putting on the California Philharmonic concerts. It’s a lot of fun- but also a lot of work. Yeah down in LA I’ve got the same amenities..30 mins to the beach or mountains. It’s a beautiful life 😀 !

      5. I’m the Director of Operations for Cal Phil- so I hire all the musicians and then hire all the vendors we need- and make sure everything goes according to plan 🙂 !

  2. Yosemite is on my wish list… especially being into astronomy. I hate camping, Detest it. But put me under the stars at Yosemite and I’m good to go.

    BTW, it’s kinda funny you posted this video here because I found it online too LOL I found it on yesterday. I downloaded it and put it on my media player. The HD version looks stunning on the big screen TV 😀

    1. Well you can just roll out your sleeping bag and not even sleep in a tent- is that still considered ‘camping’ to you? Haha. That’s what I did when I slept under the stars in Yosemite…coolest feeling in the world.

      That’s awesome you found the same video too! I bet it does look beautiful in HD on a big screen- no doubt about that 🙂

      1. Yeah, I think I could handle that LOL I’d love to fall asleep under the stars… I’d love to go to the desert and see the shadows cast by starlight. I’ve been told it’s incredibly eerie and, naturally, stunning. You get a real sense of connection to the universe 🙂

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