1. Thing is, we are dependent on fossil fuels and without them, we no longer have the same quality of life. Our military,police, and fire all use vehicles that run on gas or natural gas. Our foods and manufactured goods are transported by the vehicles that burn gas/natural gas. We as a nation, have enough reserves under our feet to take care of our selves until we can come up with different fuel sources. What needs to be done is to tap our resources, but not allow them on the world market until our domestic prices drop to 1.50 a gallon. We also should only allow domestic companies access to the fuel and market.
    The technology is much more advanced than it was 10-50 years ago. I have a friend working in North Dakota, and he says that his company goes beyond the federal standards they are to follow.
    I am all for using any “clean,green” energy when possible. But I can’t put solar in my gas tank. Our country has become a world power due to fossil fuels, and I get so angry when I see some of the places we buy it from. Especially when I know we have so much of it right here. 🙂

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