Pick Your Top 5 Photos – 2nd Photo Contest..Here I Come!

So for my first photo contest ever, one of my photos got chosen as a “Judge’s Favorite.” WHICH WAS SUPER AWESOME! Even though I didn’t win, that fact that I  was even recognized felt amazing and special.

Now I’m ready for my second Amaetur Photo Contest! This time- it’s all about the California Coastline!

If you could be so kind and pick your top 5 photos– please comment and let me know! It’s always great to hear from other photographers. Any feedback is good feedback 😀

AND JUST FOR FUN- Check out this sweet video find of an iceberg flipping over…crazy stuff!


  1. I’d have to say the Pier Watcher and the Evolution of Flight are my top two….and the video of the iceberg rolling. I was on a scientific voyage to the Antarctic last summer, I never realised ice could be SO beautiful.

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