Arctic Marine Creatures : UP CLOSE!

Semenovo with Octopus

Feast your eyes upon these FANTASTIC photos of some fascinating Arctic marine creatures. Russian Photographer/Marine Biologist, Alexander Semenov , captured these great photos. He states,

I’m trying to act like the Discovery Channel, but as a single unit.

Alexander wants to share with the world these close up images of creatures people have never seen before (or thought were real for that matter). He’s head of the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS), which is on the cusp of the relatively unexplored Arctic Circle.

For those photography nerds out there and who want to know what kind of equipment Alexander uses: Canon 400D with some good macro lenses, underwater strobes and housing. To check out more of his photos- go HERE.

The important thing is not to find new species but to understand how every creature you already know lives. There is not so much information about underwater worlds, because scientific diving isn’t old at all, 60 years maybe. I try to make snapshots of the life-cycles of the animals I see: growth, feeding, copulation, reproduction, birth and death – all these moments can be seen and photographed.

What’s your favorite Arctic animal photo?

Lucernaria quadricornis
Sea Slug (Coryphella polaris)
Pteropod Mollusk Sea Angel (Clione limacina)
Skeleton Shrimp (Caprella septentrionalis)
Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)
Red Bull (Acanthonotozoma inflatum)


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      1. Haha sorry about that! I opened a whole bunch of tabs for the blogs I wanted to present the nomination to and forgot who I wrote about and who I was still missing, but we’re good now! Congratulations again and sorry about that haha

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