Malibu Photo Shoot

So the other week my friend Matt sent a message to a couple of friends requesting that we all should head to Malibu one Thursday to be part of this “surfer themed” photo shoot with an amazing photographer and videographer. I had 1 day-off during the work week- so I jumped on the opportunity to lay on the beach for the FIRST time this summer. (I know it’s sad..)

I don’t think I’ve ever really been to Malibu before- so when I arrived to Point Dume– I knew this wasn’t going to be the last time I stepped foot on that beach. It was GORGEOUS and there was literally no one there. It was a couple of hours before everyone arrived to meet up for the photo shoot, so I napped on the beach and enjoyed the sights and smells of the sea.

The photographer was Coy Gutierrez- Check out both of his FANTASTIC websites here:

Coy came with a stylist for the shoot as well as a videographer- both great guys! It was beginning to turn into the “real deal” as they tend to say 🙂 All we really did was hang out and have a good time while they shot us! There was this amazing little hut made out of palm leaves on the beach which we hung out around towards the end of the day- it looked like something out of a surf movie (PERFECT!).

Of course being a marine scientist I went straight to the tide pools observing huge purple sea stars, acorn barnacles, and lots of beautiful sea anemones. I even saved a stranded sea star from the mouth of a greedy sea gull…be FREE little echinoderm!

I made some new awesome friends, and overall I couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend my day-off from work. Looking back and reminiscing about this day, all I can say is that I am just overflowing with happiness and thankfulness that I have opportunities like this come up in life. I have so many different groups of friends and peers that I all cherish so deeply- I thoroughly enjoy every moment I get to spend with them. Shout out to Matt Hoffman  -I appreciate extending the offer to participate in the shoot my way- it was a highlight of my summer.

So take a gander at some of the beautifully amazing photos Coy so graciously let me share with all of you 😀

Don’t the photos just want to make you drop everything and head to the beach?!
Which one captures your eye the most?

Jill and Matt
Point Dume
And They’re Off!
Matt and Pat
Matt Surfing
Drawing an Otter
Hanging ’round the hut
Playing in the tide pools
Purple Sea Star
iPhone Addiction
Jill Ran Up The Hill
Sunset Dreams



  1. I like the iPhone shot. It fits right in with nature. ;-P
    Just kidding. They are all beautiful shots. Makes me want to go to the beach right now. I love tidepools too! My favorite ones are in Maui.

    1. Oh the “Playing In The Tide Pools” one is my favorite! Good choice 🙂 I love Maui tide pools too! Monterey Bay has some pretty spectacular tide pools as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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