Entering a Photo Contest- Pick Your Top 3!

I’m entering in my third photo contest before December 31st, and I need your help!

The contest revolves around submitting your favorite moments of your travels in 2012. Although, I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked this year, I did manage to snap some pretty pictures of places I did visit! Below I’ll post a couple of pictures and the stories behind them, and if you could please review them and let me know what your top 3 or 4 favorites, that’d be super awesome! I have mostly digital pictures, but the bottom two are actually taken with my 35mm film camera that were transferred digitally to a CD (no editing was done).

You all were so helpful last time I asked for your opinions I can’t wait to hear what you think this time around 🙂 Any feedback is good feedback!

I’m saving up for a new camera (Canon EOS 60D to be exact) – so once I land a great new job, I’ll bite the bullet and buy it! That means many more photo contests, and photo blog posts coming next year 🙂 Get excited!

BONNEVILLE, OREGON – After we hiked a waterfall, we headed to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery! It was very informative visit. They raised these fish not for consumption as one would think, but to be released back to the wild so their populations have a higher chance of survival!

fish hatchery

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – My friend Marisa, who is the lovely lady standing on the rocks, invited us all to her family friend’s house in Santa Barbara one weekend this summer. It was so nice to escape LA, and just relax in this amazing beach front home. I love this picture for the mysterious feel to it.

Marisa on the rocks

COCO CAY, BAHAMAS – So this is a picture I snapped with my iPhone when I won that Bud Light Cruise to the Bahamas. This island was literally a secluded Paradise- we (the 5000 people on the cruise ships) were the only visitors allowed on the island for the private concerts. I literally floated in the water you see there and smiled so big because I hadn’t a worry in the world at that moment.


DALLAS, TEXAS – My aunt surprised my family the night before Thanksgiving, and took us all to the Chinese Lantern Festival. It was amazing!!! They had a dragon created of entirely ceramic china, and hundreds of lit up animatronics. It was a fun family bonding experience.

Chinese Lanterns

ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA –  This is a picture from opening night of the California Philharmonic Summer Season. It was a magical evening to say the least!

Cal Phil

MULTNOMAH FALLS, OREGON – My family and I hiked to the top of these falls during my 4th of July vacation weekend. This natural wonder was so beautiful and pristine to see in person. No picture could ever capture its full beauty, but I tried my hardest!


SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – Here’s another photo from my weekend away in Santa Barbara with a couple of friends. There’s just something to magical and relaxing to stare at the waves rolling into the rocks.

Nelson and the sea

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – Even though I live in LA, I never venture to Santa Monica. So I’m a total tourist whenever I do make it there with my camera around my neck 🙂 This little fella was posing too perfectly not to take a picture. 


MULTNOMAH FALLS, OREGON – I love being surrounded nature. Of course this picture needed to happen because this tree was so monstrous and the moss was SO green, I knew it’d make a great photo.  This was during 4th of July weekend with the family.


ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – This was the first time I’ve ever been to Disneyland with my little cousin Megan. I was SO stoked to see the park through a 9 year old’s eyes. I had a blast with her and I’m in love with this photo of us about to enter Storybook Land through the mouth of the whale.

Megan and Disneyland

EATON CANYON, CALIFORNIA – Even though I didn’t travel far to get to this location, it still felt like a mini-vacation. Eaton Canyon in Pasadena is a great hike to see a waterfall. I went on this hike with my friend Dave, who is a Firemen, and we picked up 3 bags of trash people had left on the ground. Natural parks shouldn’t be treated like a dump yard…


JULIAN, CALIFORNIA – This is a 35mm FILM PHOTO– This little town tucked inland from San Diego is well-known for its delicious apple pies and cider. My mom and I went there for Mother’s Day this year and it was so much fun. We love this town!


JULIAN, CALIFORNIA – This is a 35mm FILM PHOTO – On our way to Julian we had to trek through some snow. I loved the way this stump looked so I made my mom pull over 🙂 



Thanks so much 😀


  1. My favorites are the Multnomah Falls photos, the Chinese Lantern Festival photo and last but not least the Arcadia California photo. Bright reds and greens–What does that say about me. All were great shots. Good luck with the contest. -Max-


    Each photo lends a surprising story…unexpected. LOVE the perspectives.

  3. 1 – Tree Moss (color, texture)
    2 – B&W creek (Depth, shape)
    3 – RED Lanterns (Color, Shape)
    4 – Fish…..(color, shadow, depth, shape)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. HI Chanel, hope you can save up for that Camera soon! I look forward to the really nice pics!

    as for my favorite pics My top picks are and no particular order. Though i will say if you take one out take out the first one, the red Lanterns one.
    1.ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA – Red lanterns
    3.MULTNOMAH FALLS, OREGON : the Tree with the moss, it looks alive!!
    4.JULIAN, CALIFORNIA (apples)

    I will also say I ESPECIALLY like one with the Apples, sometime about it just looks so…natural

    you should make a little survey thing that might help you keep track of the pics most people liked!! hope i helped 🙂

    1. Thanks Tony – glad you like the Apples one 🙂 I love working with film.

      Ah yes I have never made one of those surveys before- but that’s a great idea for next time! Thank you for your support and comments.

  5. MULTNOMAH FALLS, OREGON – I love being surrounded nature. Of course this picture needed to happen because this tree was so monstrous and the moss was SO green, I knew it’d make a great photo. This was during 4th of July weekend with the family.

    (green Tree)

  6. Lantern, waterfall, walk with Dave and tree. Those are my favorite. Not necessarily in that order. You’ll prob win! Go get um!

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