New Years Goals for 2013

Last year, I started a tradition where I create 3 new goals/standards to live by instead of resolutions. I would rather create standards to uphold throughout the rest of my life than create a ‘resolution’ that would most likely not last the entire year. My 2012 goals were as follows:

 Surround myself with  more positive people- and less with negative ones

Draw More

Cook More

I can honestly say that I did fulfill all these goal successfully this past year, and will continue to do so from now on. I love the people who are a consistent positive influence in my life. I have fresh white sheets of paper waiting for a drawing masterpiece to unfold upon it soon. My kitchen is stocked with new appliances, spices, and food to concoct delicious meals with! I hope all of you

As for 2013, here’s want I want to add to my life standards:

1) Visit the ocean at least once a month– Salt water really does run through my veins, and when I don’t see the ocean, I feel like a piece of me is slowing dying. I seem to get so wrapped up with work and life sometimes, that I forget to fulfill the void in my heart for way too long. Just seeing the vast open sea, hearing the waves crash ever so consistently along the seashore, and smelling salt water in the air puts me in a safe place.

Hawaii Relaxing

2) Keep open, honest, communication in relationships from the get-go – This past year I listened to a relationship expert and her views of how men and women differ completely when it comes to dating and relationships. It seems that it’s so hard for people to be open and honest from the start of a relationship because they don’t want to scare someone off. Well, wouldn’t you want to scare them off at the beginning than find out after 2 years you both don’t want the same thing? Nip it in the butt from the start! Save time and energy for both parties.

Boat Ride

3) Volunteer for a new organization –  Life is all about giving. This past year, I got very involved with volunteering for a range of new different organizations in my local community. I’d love to continue this trend for the rest of my life. If I can also accumulate my friends and family to jump on the same goal bandwagon, it would only lead to more wonderful things.

Pasadena Jaycees Operation Santa

I wish you all a fantastic new year full of adventure, love, and inspiration.

Do you have any resolutions/goals for 2013? 


      1. It’s kind of one of those borderline things…my wife says you will end up thinking I’m some creepy old man stalking people on the internet…I say You’ll see the humor in it, and think it is a cool thing as we get older and have this one day out of the year when we check in and see how our thoughts change…the best news is that my wife loves me and can’t love her back enough because she is the greatest woman in the world…be encouraged!

  1. I like the one about visiting the beach at least once a month. That’s now on my list as I live less than an hour from the beach. However, we do have a lot of bodies of water near by and I just might explore those this year.

    1. Hi Mazigrace! I live about 30 mins away from the ocean too- but I think as long as I make the effort to reserve a date at least once a month with the ocean and myself – it’ll be worthwhile. Where do you live? I love visiting creeks, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers as well!

  2. Happy New Year Chanel!! I have a few new years things I want to do,
    1. its to expand my horizon: thats not vague at all right lol, but seriousely i want to be a more culture person and I need to see more of the world. I thnk your idea of going to the Oceans like a great one. I need to add that to my list sense I dont think Ive ever been to the Ocean let alone swim in it.
    2. get in better shape
    3. Be a better person: I don’t think im a bad person by any means but i do think i could grow more too.

    I want to say being honest sounds like a great goal and a huge time saver. People like to beat around the bush way too much I think. If people were honest more more things could get done. Though I will say a way of being tactful isn’t bad ether. You can be honest it doesn’t mean you have to be rude though. So good luck to your New Years Resolutions!

    1. Hi Tony – thanks for sharing your goals for this new year. I think your first one is great! Expanding your mind and your view on/of the world is a fantastic idea. You’ve never been to the ocean?! OMG well that needs to definitely be on the top of your list haha.
      Getting in better shape is also a great one- when you look good, you feel good.
      You can always be a better person – no one is perfect. If you strive for being a positive person, you will find that people will be more positive around you.

      I’m glad you agree that people should be more honest. We have way too many misconceptions about dating/relationships nowadays. If people were honest up front, a lot of time ‘wasted’ and heartache would be avoided.

      Thanks again for your input!

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