Ingenious Underwater Photos

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Underwater photographer, Jason Isley, decided to have a little bit of fun whilst diving in Indonesia and Boreneo recently. This underwater photography dive was SPECIAL – He made sure to pack a handful of miniature figurines in his pockets 🙂

Jason staged funny/scary mock situations with the miniatures next to unsuspecting reef fish, octopus, and worms as the antagonists. What an ingenious idea?! You can check out Jason’s Flickr for more of his U/W Miniature Photo Series. I’d love to do something like this on my own one day when I get a nice underwater camera. Maybe bring some Barbie’s down..some colorful Troll dolls too perhaps? Or it could be fun to bring down rubber/plastic realistic ocean animal toys and place them next to the real things 🙂 Oh how the mind wonders with creative ideas…

Let’s start with my favorite photograph (I may be biased since there’s a Blue-Ringed Octopus in it 😉 ) :












14 thoughts on “Ingenious Underwater Photos

  1. these are absolutely brilliant! I LOVE THEM! my favorite is the last one where they look like they are exploring an undersea alien pod.

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