Turning Water Out of Thin Air

(c) timenerdworld.files.wordpress.com
(c) timenerdworld.files.wordpress.com

I love when I come across amazing inventions that can help save the world and provide hope for the future. Let me introduce you to – The Billboard That Converts Moist Air Into Water. The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru and the ad agency Mayo DraftFCBand created this billboard for residents of Lima who are forced to draw polluted water up from the underground wells.

They could put this in different places if possible in each village, in each town…the water that gives us life,” said Francisco Quilca, a resident of the Bujama District.

This invention is especially pertinent in Peru since it gets less than two inches of rain a year (can you imagine?) and has an extremely high humidity of 98%. You may ask yourself – how exactly does this billboard work? Here are the details:

  • The billboard uses reverse osmosis: a water purifying process – from the thick amount of fog that passes across the region
  • Then water is then stored in 20 liter tanks
  • Patrons can receive the precious, clean water using a dispenser at the bottom of the structure
  • The billboard has provided 9,450  liters in 3 months, according to the university
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  1. Hi Chanel

    That is AMAZING – things like this remind me of the story about the Tucker Car. A man before his time, safety, good gas mileage, etc. The BIG 5 were so scared of him and his vision that he, well, had an accident. It’a all about the bottom line isn’t it? Not the betterment of humanity. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Please come by and pick up your award(s)! http://wp.me/p2zGQ7-1dO Congratulations!

  2. Hey Chanel,
    This is very cool and so simple you have to ask yourself, “why didn’t do this before?” After all nature have been doing it forever :0)
    Nice find, thanks for sharing & have a great day

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