Ask an Astronaut.


I’ve said it many times before – if I wasn’t so in love with the ocean, I would be pursuing a love for astronomy. It’s on my Bucket List to fly to the moon one day 🙂 – and it seems more likely than not, that possibility could be in my grasp (with the right amount of $$ of course). I wouldn’t mind (maybe the more likely scenario) flying in one of those zero-gravity simulation planes though!

Ever since I was little kid, whenever I looked up at the stars, I felt ‘one’ with the world. I also felt very small…we are only a TINY planet in a huge universe..inside another universe..and so on and so forth. It’s unlikely that we are the only planet in the solar system with life on it – which is hard for me to say because thanks to the movie E.T. I am afraid of aliens (I know I know make fun of me all you want – but E.T. is scary looking/sounding!).

Anyways, I wanted to share a great video with you today. The 10th-grade winners of a Nova Scotia School’s Science Fair, Kendra Lemke and Meredith Faulkner, won a very special unique grand prize. They got to connect on a live feed with the International Space Station, and have Astronaut Chris Hadfield perform their science experiment! HOW COOL IS THAT?! Take a look here to see what their experiment entailed:

“The space station is an orbiting laboratory where we work on unique experiments that may eventually improve life on Earth,” he said before adding that he was extremely proud to be performing an experiment designed by young Canadians. Addressing the winners and their 1200 classmates gathered at the school’s gymnasium, he added: “I was about your age when I decided I wanted to become an astronaut. I hope that you remember today and continue to be curious about science and space. You are the space explorers of the future and the sky is no longer the limit”. — Chris Hadfield

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