Natural Beauty (New Pics!)

Good day! I wanted to welcome all my new followers I’ve acquired over the past couple of months – thanks & hope you enjoy my blog 🙂 If you are a photographer – be sure to leave a comment if you want be a part of my blog photography challenge.

WOW can you believe how fast Summer has flown by?! With work and weddings pretty much every weekend of the last couple of months, my life has been GO – GO – GO! Once September hits, I can already feel that my life is going to change big time. I might be moving, getting a new job, participating in an international competition… stay tuned for further details 😉 And all of you will be taking that journey with me.

So I promised some photos from my trip to Monterey Bay last month – and I finally had a free day to edit the pics for your viewing pleasure. We went to the Arroyo Seco in Monterey County which is hidden treasure that I suggest EVERYONE goes to see. It’s the perfect activity in the summer time to hike and explore the wilderness.

Also, as my time starts to free up next month – I will continue to post weekly – so don’t you worry! I’ve got some great posts lined up already in my head.


  1. Hey Chanel,
    Looks like a great day out 🙂
    You still loving your 60D? I was going to buy one but now the 70D is coming out and that seems to have some great fatures so now I’m considering that even if it’s a bit more pricey! Confusing!
    Have a great day
    Poul x

    1. Hey Poul – yes it was a fantastic day exploring nature. I do love my 60D !! Still getting the hang of it – haven’t had much time to go out and use it since work has been so busy. I just downloaded Lightrooom today though – so I will definitely be getting out more with my Canon this Fall. What’s the 70D supposed to include?

      1. Hey Chanel,
        I know that feeling of feeling to busy to enjoy the outdoors but this September comes with a lot of new changes!
        I didn’t do a complete comparasion yet but at a glance the 70D features a better sensor, build in wi-fi and touch screen. Ofcourse it comes at a higher price and I think you can can actually get the 7D cheaper now as well so not a straight forward choice!
        Cheers, Poul

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