Say Yes To Strangers

My wonderful friend Kira has just started her own blog! Please enjoy her latest post – It’s something I think we could relate to, in one form or another.

The Sturggle

Don’t take candy from strangers, but definitely learn how to say yes to them.

As a female living in bro-infested San Diego, I find that my immediate reaction to strange men who approach me is CAUTION; As it should be – most of these interactions occur in drinking establishments. But what I’ve also noticed is a trend of females responding to strangers with disdain, rudeness, and a whole lot of attitude – and rightfully so! Before you, Mr. Nice Gentleman, came up to say hello, we’ve already been groped by two others, received an invitation back to some guy’s house, and had many more talk way too close to our faces. When you walk up with your harmless intentions and your friendly hello, it’s not surprising that girls sometimes respond with a dirty look and an,

“Umm, excuse me, but i’m just trying to dance with my friends, not give my number…

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