New Years Goals for 2016

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Bye bye 2015! I swear, where does the time GO? I hope each and every one of you had an amazing year.

Let’s recap what my New Years Life Goals for 2015 were:

Stay in touch more with family members

Make more presents/gifts for people instead of buying new things

Go SCUBA diving every year

I can definitely say that I stayed in touch with my family more. With visits to Texas and Oregon, I have enjoyed my time with both sides of my family. Although my intentions of making presents, more so drawing presents, I didn’t succeed too well on that. I plan to focus on that this year as well though. I went SCUBA diving all over this year! From Catalina Island to Barbados and Grenada in the Caribbean – I loved being under the waves.

This year, I have big plans. Possibly moving to a different state & starting my Masters Degree! More details to come when everything gets confirmed. But, if you’ve followed my life at all over the last 10 years, you’ll understand that I never set any plans in stone. Life changes fast, and I’m always open to new pathways that open themselves up!

1. Do 10 Sit-Ups and Push-Ups Every Day


If you don’t know I’m a fitness buff, now you know. I literally just did 10 push-ups and sit-ups and it took less than 2 minutes. That’s 3,650 push-ups and 3,650 sit-ups minimum for the entire year! We often make so many excuses for why we can’t get to the gym, or why being a couch potato is the best option after a crappy day. You have 2 minutes to spare everyday – if you don’t – then you need to change your daily routine

2. Have One “Me Date” Per Month 


We all know who the most important person in our life is – that is ourselves. If we don’t take care of our body, spirit, mind, and soul, we can’t depend on anyone else to fill those big shoes. We often spend a lot of time by ourselves on our couches watching Netflix and drinking wine (at least I do…), but instead I want to say NO. I am treating MYSELF to a fun day of adventuring, or a delicious dinner, or out to a movie at least once every month. Have you ever been to a movie or dinner by yourself? It’s quite liberating actually. Me time is necessary in this fast-paced crazy world we live amongst. Treat ‘yo’ self as they say on Parks and Recs.

3. Say What I’m Grateful Every Night Before I Go To Sleep


I’ve actually been doing this goal for the last month or so. It’s nice to close my eyes and reflect on something I am grateful for in this beautiful life of mine. We all have bad days, or horrible weeks, or a terrible month. But, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re alive. You have a roof over your head. You have friends and family who care about you. You’re reading this on your mobile device or your computer. Life could always be worse, so I’m taking a moment every evening to reflect on something I am grateful for.

100 Days Project (Take 2)

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Chanel #5 – 100 Days Project


This is my second (and hopefully successful) attempt at the 100 Days Project described below:

The 100 Days Project is simple. 

Choose one creative exercise, and then repeat it every day for 100 days. Record each daily effort and see what evolves in the work and in the self over time.

The project gives anyone a framework and the permission to be creative. It challenges you to dig deep into your creative reserves, to rely on your readiness to work in order to achieve creative breakthrough. It can be an end to procrastination, and the development of resilience. It takes a lot of energy, and yet the rewards can resonate for a long time after the 100th Day is over.

In 2011 Emma Rogan decided to start a 100 Days Project after reading about Michael Bierut’s ‘100 Days of Design’ class at Yale. She invited others to join her and word of the project spread. Since inception hundreds of people have participated in the project.

This 100 Days Project is not a commercial undertaking, and is not in anyway (but spirit) affiliated with the Yale School of Art. Good things will come from the rigorous repetition of a process or idea over the 100 days. To see what others have done before, have a look at the previous projects. – Emma Rogan

Last year, my 100 Days Project’s creative daily task was to draw a pencil sketch of a item listed in a sketch book I received as a gift from a friend. I lasted about 6 days, and my busy life got the best of me :/

This year, I decided to pick a relatively easy task that would be: FUN, EASY, and that I COULD DO ALMOST ANYWHERE:


Chanel Handstand

Starting July 11th for 100 days, I will have a friend take of picture of me doing a handstand somewhere new. After starting CrossFit last year, I love doing handstands. I still have room for improvement, so I am hoping doing this task for 100 days will help me improve my form. Also, I’m excited to jump out of my comfort zone and do handstands in some locations where handstands aren’t normally done. It’s time to get CREATIVE 🙂

To follow my 100 Days Project – visit this link here :

Chanel #5 – 100 Days Project


Be sure to check out some of the other projects. Last year there were around 800 participants, and this year we have reached over 1000!

Officially a Gladiator.

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I’ve been training for the past couple of months for the Gladiator Rock n Run event held at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on Saturday October 6, 2012. The event raised money for a great cause :  TACA- Talk About Curing Autism. You could also donate your running shoes after the race- which is exactly what I did 🙂 I originally found out about this race through a Groupon deal that I quickly sent to my good friend Rachel and said = LET’S DO IT! I’ve ran 2 5K’s already this year- but this one was going to be VERY different.

I definitely needed to train more for this type of event. Besides running, there were multiple obstacles we’d have to overcome throughout the course. My training encompassed hardcore workouts at the fire department up the street from my house (lots of CrossFit activities), group workouts at the high school track, continuing pure barre classes to keep my muscles strong, and then my regular gym routine. (The training helped A LOT!)

Let me tell you a little more about the event- we signed up for the 5K – but there is also a 10K option as well (probably will do that one next year). In the midst of running 5K, you have to overcome 14 obstacles which included: running the stairs inside the famous Rose Bowl stadium, crawling through thick mud into metal tubes, concurring a tire mountain, climbing a 14 ft rope and ringing a bell, a polar plunge into freezing chest deep water, climbing in and out of dumpsters, crawling under barbed wire through a mud pit on our stomachs, carrying a 40lb bag of rice 40 yards, monkey bars, up and over a huge cargo net, and a tilted wall rope pull over. Basically some crazy obstacles! You can see the course here. 

My great friend Rachel Barker, writer of LoveFitLife, and I rocked our Black Swan/Pink Flamingo tu-tus and sports bras as our costumes for the race. You can check Rachel’s blog for some in-depth details about our trainings! We had a couple of friends who trained with us as well, Nick and Nicole, who ran the 10K before us- they sported awesome gladiator and fairy costumes! We all met up at the finish line and enjoyed our free beer for completing the race. It may seem silly to drink a beer right after a big run, but it’s actually a good way to get carbs lost from the exercise.

The hardest part of the race definitely was the stairs in the Rose Bowl at the beginning (mostly because of the weird high height of the stairs), and the polar plunge where your body literally feels like it is shutting down. But the most important part is that I didn’t give up (although my hands were so slippery on the monkey bars I couldn’t go all the way across without slipping- but I tried enough times to make up the same amount of bars in the obstacle- so I’m ok with that :P). The final obstacle was supposed to be the hardest and encourage teamwork. It was a slanted wall with only a thin rope to help pull you up and over. Although, after 100’s of people covered in mud went before us, the wall was slippery than ever. Happily I will confess that both Rachel and I climbed over that wall all on our OWN on our FIRST try! We saw so many “macho” men try and fail and try and fail this obstacle. I’m so proud of us for kicking butt 🙂

Rachel and I crossed the finish line together- hands up in the air and smiling 😀


OVERALL: Finished 353 out of 1622 (top 4.5%)

DIVISION: Women Age 21-27- Finished 27 out of 227 ( top 8.4%) 

Our time was 1 hour and 4 mins- which rounds out to about 20 mins/mile divided by 14 obstacles..not too bad. This kind of race was not something you focused on finishing under a certain time- it was more about team work with helping others out with the more difficult obstacles to overcome. I’m so thankful to have finished uninjured and to have had both our mom’s in the crowd cheering us on! Although, I’ve got some great bruises and scratches on my knee the day after the race- I’ll wear these battle wounds proudly!

I encourage all of you to try something new- and give it all you’ve got! You really do never know until you try. Have faith in yourself and you will accomplish whatever you please.  

I ran, I climbed, I crawled, I conquered.

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