I Wish I Were A Mermaid.

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(c) Ted Grambeu/ Barcott USA

(c) Ted Grambeu/ Barcott USA

You know when people ask you for fun –

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

If you had any super power, what would it be?

My answer never seems to change. I would be any oceanic animal (blue whale, dolphin, shark, etc.) and my super power would be to have gills so I could breathe underwater. I know many people would want to be an animal that flies in the air, but when you think about it, everything flies through the water in the ocean. It’s just a different medium/element.

I came across these photos last week and instantly connected with them. It’s on my Bucket List to swim with whales in the wild. And after seeing these photos…I may have to change that Bucket List item to include being dressed as a mermaid 😉

(c) abcnews.com

(c) abcnews.com

These photos are of the beautiful Hannah Fraser, a 36 year-old professional underwater swimmer, ocean activist, artist and model. She’s an Australian native, but resides here in Los Angeles. She’s been practicing free diving since she was a child, and even created her own mermaid tails from scratch utilizing flippers, plastic boomerangs, and duct tape.

Hannah is currently working on a project with Cetacean and Whaleman Foundations to discontinue the slaughter of thousands of dolphins and whales across the globe. She creates her own mermaid tails , and a percentage of her earnings as a mermaid goes towards charity for anti-whaling drives. After watching the tear jerking documentary The Cove in 2009, I’ve been a strong activist against the killing of dolphins and whales.  They are one of the SMARTEST creatures to live on this planet, and it pains me to think of all the horrible methods people use to kill them.

(c) Shawn Heinrichs

(c) Shawn Heinrichs

“The ocean is the birthplace of life on Earth, and if I can be a visual link to inspire other humans who have become disconnected from this amazing world, I feel I have done something worthwhile.”


(c) elitedaily.com

(c) elitedaily.com

The ocean is the only place where I feel fully at peace. There is no doubt I was put on this planet to help conserve our seas and ocean animals. I am currently in the process of looking for a new job – a job where I can work with/around/near the ocean. I won’t give up until I wake up to the smell of salt water coming through my window, and watch the sun setting over the sea every evening. I know what where I need to be – what I’m meant to do – and it’s time to find that pathway to get there.

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Salt Water In My Veins

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My friend Evan (and author the amazing blog: The Better Man Project) this past weekend told me – “You have salt water running through your veins.

Although, yes is quite a witty comment, I also find a lot of truth behind the statement within myself. I live, breathe, love, care, and exist for the sea. There’s nothing that remotely comes close to the undying passion I have for the ocean and its inhibitors. The sea is so mysterious, important, beautiful, scary, and just an overall necessity for our existence on this planet. As I’m applying and interviewing for jobs for next year, all I think about is ‘how can this job help me achieve my dream?’ – then that comes up with the question – ‘what is Chanel’s dream?’ My dream is to start my own marine conservation non-profit, or at least help run one that is already intact doing AMAZING things for this planet. 

Educating the public about the numerous hardships our planet is facing each and every day is VERY important- especially because most of the problems are result of human action. An uninformed mind, is an uneducated mind. Unfortunately,  I feel as though our government in America doesn’t always have our best intentions when making decisions that affect us all. It was after watching multiple documentaries, and reading lots of papers, that I have come to the conclusion that large corporations will the death and destruction of our planet as a whole. EVERYTHING  they do is all about what makes them the most money with the least amount of money/effort. Our personal health and the health of this planet usually get put on the back burner :-/ while overall corporation prosperity and wealth take the lead.

We only have 1 Earth, 1 life to live, and 1 chance to leave it a better place than when we arrived. I feel it’s my job on this planet to leave it a better place for future generations. 

I wanted to share this video I found while blog browsing last night, as it truly touched my heart (causing me to shed a couple of tears).

Whales fascinate me. The blue whale (featured in this video) is the LARGEST animal to EVER live on this entire globe. It used to be every time I saw a whale in the wild, it would make me cry just a little to just be in the presence of such a beautiful majestic creature.  It pains me to think that whaling is still legal in some places, and illegally still occurring in others. When you take into account their intelligence, history, beauty, mysteriousness, and importance on our planet it’s hard for me to consider the killing of these creatures voluntarily.

I can understand if a whole tribe of people in New Zealand, or the Arctic has to kill whales to feed their whole community. They cherish the death of the whale by utilizing the whole body as much as possible. But for example the Japanese- they hunt whales with very inhumane practices which has led to much controversy expressed in the Discovery Channel Show Whale Wars. My mom was pushing me to apply to be on the show Whale Wars…but I had college degree to obtain, and I couldn’t see risking my life as an option while I’m so young.

You know what, I’d like to say that salt water really does run through my veins. I’d also love if I had gills too (which would totally be my superpower if I was granted one). I hope I can come back to this post 50 years from now, and smile because I accomplished my dream. You are in charge of your own destiny and future. I’M GOING FOR IT!

It’s Time To Be Great – (With Audience Participation Appreciated)

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I found this photo on a friend’s Facebook page and just had to post it. Many people think that humans are the most intelligent animals on the entire planet, but that is an egocentric way of thinking. Ravens, octopi, whales, dolphins, dogs, and chimpanzees are just some of the amazing animals with incredibly smart minds that surround us. Humans are not the only intelligent life on planet Earth.

Now onto a whole different subject….life, change, reality, the future

I’m on the job hunt for next year- it’s time to begin a new chapter in my life. I really have 2 strong options – stick with what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years (event planning, social media, production), or try and get back into the marine science field. It would ultimately be awesome to combine the two fields! Or I could always put all my stuff in storage and take a plane to a foreign land across this vast globe. Not having any ties here in Pasadena allows me to spread my wings and fly, fly, flllyyyyyy. So far I’ve applied to jobs in San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, and San Francisco. Each of these cities holds new and exciting possibilities for my future.

I’m turning 25 (quarter of a century AH!) next year which means that life really is moving fast – and I’m not getting any younger! My next decisions in life regarding work, will most likely play a huge factor in determining the success of my future. Which is a bit scary… you never really think this time in your life is going to come up as fast as it does. I found my college diploma yesterday (while cleaning under my bed..I know, I know… I have been meaning to get a frame for it) – and it made me smile remembering great memories of my college years. Can’t believe that was 2 years ago this month. Where does the time go?!

What people have been telling me for years, and most recently in particular, is that obtaining a new job is ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW. Connections. Connections. Connections. I am open to any job involving marine science, ocean education, photography, event planning, event production, social media, or traveling the world and getting paid to blog about it 🙂 I’ve got a big heart, open  creative mind, and large smile ready for a change. Now, I’m not afraid to reach out to all of you– my 100’s of readers out there across the globe for a little assistance in my journey.

If you know of any awesome position that I could apply for or a person whom could possibly lead me to my next life adventure – please leave a comment or email me. Or if you have any advice during this process – my ears are wide open.
I’d be more than willing to send my resume to you as well.

I would be eternally grateful with any help you provide me- and if all goes well you could get a little handmade gift from me down the road 🙂 I’ve already received a couple rejections thus far, leading me to believe that I’m one step closer to the right job for me.

I’m excited for the future and what it holds. 2013 -> get ready to tango!

Beluga Whales Speak English?


This story is headlining all over news stations this week! Thus, it allowed me to surface some 5-year-old photos of me playing with some beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium. (Thanks again to my friend Danielle who works there!)

Imagine this, you’re scuba diving in a beluga tank and you hear someone under water telling you to “get out.” When you surface, you asked “Who told me to get out,” and when no one said anything, you realize that it was the young whale in the tank…

In 1985, a beluga whale named Noc was audio recorded underwater making sounds that strangely sounded…like a human. This video of Noc was just released this year by The National Marine Mammal Foundation:

The sounds made by Noc were 2 octaves lower than normal beluga sounds and made before the whale reached adulthood (as published in Current Biology). Noc sadly passed away 5 years ago, but the research has just surfaced this year.

So what did that diver hear… “get me out”…”let me out”.. “get out” ??? Guess we’ll never know.

This isn’t the first time animals have imitated humans…or human made products…

Dolphins, elephants, harbor seals, and humans have shown evidence of imitating novel anthropogenic sounds. Many species are known to mimic their environment, especially ones that are deprived of normal interaction with their own species at a young age. Thus, it appears that they are trying to communicate with other species instead.

Animals and nature never cease to amaze me. 

Make Monday Worthwhile.

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Last week was by far the longest, craziest, hectic, satisfying, and sleep deprived of my year so far. For work we did all the production for the California Philharmonic’s inaugural concert at the Santa Anita Race Track. I took a lot of great photos which I will share tomorrow (I’m editing them now 🙂 ).

Since this is a new week, I wanted to start it off on a good note. I got a delicious super detox tea beverage from a local tea joint in Pasadena with my co-worker, found $20 on the ground, and then I treated my co-worker to some awesome Thai food for lunch. Time is too precious to waste being lazy and negative, keep your head up high and a smile on your face. People want to be surrounded with positivity… it’s crazy how addictive a simple smile can be 🙂

My mom shared this photo with me today, and I just HAD to post it because it made me feel good. I’ve always wanted to swim with whales in the wild (definitely have it on My Bucket List). I want it to be me in this photo so badly!! But I know one day I will get to experience these huge amazing marine mammals in the big blue.. I can hardly wait!

So I just wanted to leave you on a positive encouraging note to : Make the Most out of your Monday

I know it’s the beginning of the workweek for most, but it’s also a chance for new opportunities and experiences. Go out and make the most of your day and overall week!

A Gray Whale Mom and Baby Get Up Close and Personal!

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My grandma sent me this link today on Facebook and it truly made me all warm and fuzzy inside! I’ve never had an experience like this before with whales, but I hope to one day!

I’ve been close to a whale shark down in Baja Mexico- and I was definitely in awe and freaking out a little too from the boat. I took a couple videos- so I’ll share one with you. Don’t mind the commentary though- you really don’t think about what you’re saying when you’re completely and utterly enthralled with what’s in front of you 🙂 I actually got to swim with one that got close to shore from where we stayed-and I WISH that I had footage from that because it was incredible. Animals that are that big and swimming around you are quite intimidating as well…

But here’s the whale video that touched my heart. It inspired me put a new item on My Bucket List 😉

Here’s my whale shark video!