It’s Time To Be Great – (With Audience Participation Appreciated)


I found this photo on a friend’s Facebook page and just had to post it. Many people think that humans are the most intelligent animals on the entire planet, but that is an egocentric way of thinking. Ravens, octopi, whales, dolphins, dogs, and chimpanzees are just some of the amazing animals with incredibly smart minds that surround us. Humans are not the only intelligent life on planet Earth.

Now onto a whole different subject….life, change, reality, the future

I’m on the job hunt for next year- it’s time to begin a new chapter in my life. I really have 2 strong options – stick with what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years (event planning, social media, production), or try and get back into the marine science field. It would ultimately be awesome to combine the two fields! Or I could always put all my stuff in storage and take a plane to a foreign land across this vast globe. Not having any ties here in Pasadena allows me to spread my wings and fly, fly, flllyyyyyy. So far I’ve applied to jobs in San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, and San Francisco. Each of these cities holds new and exciting possibilities for my future.

I’m turning 25 (quarter of a century AH!) next year which means that life really is moving fast – and I’m not getting any younger! My next decisions in life regarding work, will most likely play a huge factor in determining the success of my future. Which is a bit scary… you never really think this time in your life is going to come up as fast as it does. I found my college diploma yesterday (while cleaning under my bed..I know, I know… I have been meaning to get a frame for it) – and it made me smile remembering great memories of my college years. Can’t believe that was 2 years ago this month. Where does the time go?!

What people have been telling me for years, and most recently in particular, is that obtaining a new job is ALL ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW. Connections. Connections. Connections. I am open to any job involving marine science, ocean education, photography, event planning, event production, social media, or traveling the world and getting paid to blog about it 🙂 I’ve got a big heart, open  creative mind, and large smile ready for a change. Now, I’m not afraid to reach out to all of you– my 100’s of readers out there across the globe for a little assistance in my journey.

If you know of any awesome position that I could apply for or a person whom could possibly lead me to my next life adventure – please leave a comment or email me. Or if you have any advice during this process – my ears are wide open.
I’d be more than willing to send my resume to you as well.

I would be eternally grateful with any help you provide me- and if all goes well you could get a little handmade gift from me down the road 🙂 I’ve already received a couple rejections thus far, leading me to believe that I’m one step closer to the right job for me.

I’m excited for the future and what it holds. 2013 -> get ready to tango!


  1. Kind of funny, because I’ve said the same thing. It been 4 and a half year since I finished school and I am still trying to find full-time work. I even wrote a cover letter just telling the employer the facts: I need a job and am not getting any younger. My advice to you is keep doing what you doing. The last thing you want is not having a job and no source of income. You can still look for a job that you love awhile working. I’ve been told the same thing that it all about connections and who you know. I don’t think that always true, because I’ve reach out to friends, but never hear back from them. Hopefully someone will see you blog and reach out to you. Good Luck and don’t give up.

    1. Thanks Mikey for your words of advice! Yes I agree – income is better than no income for the time being. There is something great out there for me – and you could bet that I will never give up 🙂

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  3. Wooo, you go girl! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you! PS I’m thinking of taking a big trip to SE Asia or Europe before heading to grad school next fall and would love for people to join whenever they can, let me know if you decide to jet off somewhere! 🙂

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