“Fun” – It’s Different For Everyone

Whilst reading The Happiness Project on the plane ride back to Los Angeles after a week in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday break, I read a chapter that really triggered the inspiration for this post.

The sub-chapter that stood out to me was titled: “Finding More Fun” in your life. The author talks about how she loves the idea of such activities like playing chess, or doing a crossword puzzles, or getting a massage…but when she really looked into it, those were things that weren’t FUN for her.

“Only recently had I grasped one of my most important Secrets of Adulthood: just because something was fun for someone else didn’t mean it was fun for me– and visa versa.”

– Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

I took these words and applied them to my own life. What was I doing that a lot of people think is fun..but wasn’t really that fun for me? And what was I doing that truly brought me happiness? Some people may hide activities that bring them happiness because they aren’t considered ‘legitimate’ or ‘normal’ – but I say who cares?! It’s your life, and you just have to do what you need to in order to make your life amazing each and every day. Below you will find my unfiltered list of some activities that I do for fun.

I want to hear what all of YOU do for FUN!

Don’t be afraid – Don’t be embarrassed – Be proud to announce to the world whatever makes you happy. Please leave a comment below with some FUN activities that YOU DO FOR YOU.

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – I’ve been a nature lover since the beginning of time. And once I got a camera of my own, boy did I go wild! Whether I’m on a hike, on a whale watching boat, or at the beach..you can bet I will be there snapping away. When I’m in nature, I feel one with the planet and myself (cliché, but that’s exactly how I feel).

SCUBA DIVING Being submersed under 100ft of salt water, with fish and sea lions swimming curiously around you, you really are in another world. The ocean has been my passion and love since I was 5 years old. It’s never diminished- only grown and enhanced. I recall the first time I saw a shark, I thought I was going to freak out and swim the opposite direction, but instead I squealed in my regulator and instead followed it around the kelp beds for 5 minutes!

A NIGHT IN AT HOME– Some nights I just have no urge to put on nice clothes, make up, and a smile to go out and mingle on a Friday or Saturday night. Or, I just downright don’t have the energy to move from off my couch. Instead, I prefer to light some candles, cook a delicious meal, open a bottle of wine, and pick out an awesome movie (or 2). Let me tell you, Netflix is my best friend. I know that I’m young and I should enjoy my youth, but sometimes it just feels SO GOOD to stay in my pjs on a Friday night instead.

Credit: http://www.accidentalsexiness.com

DRAWING – I started drawing after taking an art class in high school. I found out that I love chalk, pencil, and pointillism. Although, I also discovered that oil pastels were my enemy. So when I graduated high school and went to college, my mom gave me a pointillism/pencil set because she said how awesome my drawings turned out in high school. Thanks mom- that was a great gift that has now concluded with an awesome portfolio of all my work (and still growing of course!). When making a pointillism drawing, it involves A LOT of patience. This allows me to escape into my own world for hours upon hours. No distractions. My only goal is to create an amazing piece of art that I am proud to put my signature on. I really think it’s fun to create personalized drawings for people close to me. This year I created 3 drawings as newborn baby gifts! Let me know if you want one too 🙂

My Easter Island Drawing

BEING A HOSTESS – There’s just a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes over me when I know I’m having company at my little abode. It’s an excuse for me to have my apartment looking top notch, first off, and also it’s exciting to welcome someone into my ‘space.’ As I get older and more independent, I’ve noticed how much fun it is to decorate my house and make it MY OWN. When I have people over, I turn on the ‘house wife’ appeal 😉 – you won’t be disappointed with my service. Below is a picture of my girlfriend Miranda visiting from Canada earlier this year.

TIDE POOLING  If you want to put a smile on my face, just drop me off on the coastline and let me be free to explore the wonders of the tide pools. I love exploring and finding fascinating little creatures hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the rocks. There’s even more fun to be had when I have someone else there with me (not too marine science savvy), who I can dish out all of the knowledge I have about the ocean and its creatures! Below I  made a little progression photography piece of my love for tide pooling 🙂


  1. I might be off topic here, but one thing that puzzle me is why people have to drink or consider drinking fun. Why can’t you just be yourself? But to answer your question, what i do for fun is salsa dancing at the Latin club or where ever they a good social crowd, Photography, Star gazing, going for a walk, trying something new and going outside your comfort zone.

    1. I don’t think you’re off topic at all Mikey- society really does push drinking=fun. Honestly the most fun I had at a professional sports game was totally sober! Oh you hit one of the topics I love as well- star gazing! Makes me feel so small in this big world, but I love it. I appreciate your feedback-thank you!

  2. Love it! What’s fun for me is photographing nature, beach combing, thrift shop finds, when my husband drives us to a “surprise” place, my blog, creating my art and selling it.

  3. finding flowers to put in my garden, then watching them grow and bloom! Going to a flea market and finding that special thing I don’t need, but is cool, and I get it at a bargain, or it might be a gift for a loved one, snorkeling in a far off land finding a shell I can take home and add to my collection, watching the birds drink from my mermaid fountain, finding new hobbies and friends as I learn to appreciate life as a senior…

    1. Ohhhh it really is amazing (depending on where you go of course)!! The Northern California coastline has a lot of diversity due to the cold upwelling which brings lots of nutrients for both little and big creatures. Areas like Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey Bay have amazing tide pools! San Diego also has some great diverse tide pooling as well. Come explore 😀

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  5. Awesome post! What’s fun for me is: playing video games, going to karaoke bars with friends, watching anime and reading manga, having spontaneous adventures with friends, singing, performing (in random movies with friends, in operas, plays, musicals, choir, all types of performing, I love the stage!), being in a collab project with people( I love sharing ideas, working together to make something awesome happen).

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