Embrace Your Inner Trouble Maker

Hi blog world!

Well, I officially survived the Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise I won a couple of weeks ago from Young the Giant and Bud Light. It was an amazing experience and a 4 day weekend I will never forgot. The musical concerts were out of this world amazing, and I met some really awesome people from across the United States.

I have so many photos and videos that I will make a little summary video/photo diary that I will post on here very soon 🙂

It felt so amazing not to have a worry in the world, especially when we were on the beautiful private island of Coco Cay in the middle of the Bahamas. It really was a little paradise just for the estimated 5,000 people on the 2 Bud Light Port Paradise Cruise Ships. There were a numerous amount of fun activities located all over the island (jet skis, inflatable ocean wipeout course, local little shops, paddle boarding, etc.). Of course there were hammocks and lots of beach chairs scattered along the pristine white sandy beaches, for those who wanted to work on their tans and kick back for a little bit.

I leisurely strolled into the crystal blue water and just floated on my back and soaked up the beauty, the large amount of luck in my life, the happiness that was overcoming me, and the overall euphoria I was experiencing right then and there. I had no worries. I felt amazing. I was surrounded by amazing people. I was content with life. I had no obligations (but to have fun). I had a huge smile that couldn’t be wiped off my face. 

I was embracing my inner trouble maker. I danced. I drank. I swam. I explored. I made new friends. I learned to embrace the feeling of being free and enjoying EVERY moment  (within reason of course). The picture above is shot of me dancing to Young The Giant – the band who I won this amazing opportunity from. I thought it was a perfect image to pair with this saying.

Life is what you make of it. So you better make it unforgettable!

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