The Final Puzzle Piece

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Yesterday, I had a phone interview with the South Australia Tourism representative regarding being a Finalist in the Best Job in the World contest. We had an amazing conversation; it actually felt more like a chat with a close friend than an interview for my dream job – in a good way!

After our conversation, I was filled with excitement! The position of Wildlife Caretaker, REALLY IS MADE FOR ME. I am everything passionate about animals/environment, ecotourism, traveling, blogging, photography, video editing, being in front of the camera, conducting research, talking with strangers, and exploring new places. All of the qualifications and characteristics they are looking for, I possess. I feel like the final piece of a 1,000 piece-puzzle (that makes up a map of South Australia of course), ready to placed in its unique spot to complete the masterpiece.

This week really FLEW by! Let me tell you, throwing a huge social media blitz for a job opportunity of a lifetime is a 24/7 job. Time is of the essence, and I am utilizing every second of the day.

Throughout this campaign, I have had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing people. Even if the cards aren’t in my favor for this competition (but I hope I’m dealt a FULL HOUSE), I will be pleased to leave with a new group friends from around the globe. I am convinced I am on this journey of a lifetime for a reason (or two, or three). Surrounding yourself with inspiring, supportive, and positive people will only lead to great things 🙂

I HAVE A THEME SONG! A well-known band based out of Orange County, the Saints in Rehab, got creative and wrote a quick little theme song to support my dream job of becoming a Wildlife Caretaker. I met these guys one year ago when I went on a cruise to Mexico for my birthday, and we’ve remained good ever since friends. It’s amazing to look back and count the number of blossoming friendships I’ve created by just starting a conversation with a stranger on my travels! Needless to say, they are a great group of talented guys! THANKS SO MUCH 😀 Hope you can come visit me Down Under and play a ‘real’ didgeridoo.

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Fun Videos To Make Your Monday!


Here’s #1: Cat videos are probably one of the most popular videos on YouTube. For good reason of course- just look at this… (Awwwww)

Here’s #2: I should have this video bookmarked whenever someone asks me why I love octopus so much.

Here’s #3: This is from a random asian TV show that pulls pranks on people..I just think I’d freak out if this happened to me too! 

Here’s #4: This is one of the most viewed videos of all time- for good reason too! It’s 6:00 mins of awesomeness. If you like to dance- take a peek at this.

Portlandia! (Photos + Video)

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As I mentioned previously- I spent my American Independence Day- the 4th of July- in Portland Oregon visiting family I haven’t seen in 7 years. I made an effort to take lots of videos and photos to compile the Youtube video as seen above. I really enjoy making this little vacation summary videos- Hope you like it!

It was by far the best 4th of July I can remember. Let me give you sort of the run down of the (busy) 4 days my mom and I were there:

– On the morning of the 4th, we jumped on a little jet plane

-Immediately we drove to Washington to buy illegal fireworks galore- literally the most intense, packed, insane fireworks store(s) I’ve ever WITNESSED!

-Met up with the rest of the family for a traditional BBQ (yummy!) 

Family BBQ (photo by: Chanel Hason)

– Then when the skies turned dark- we set off all the fireworks we bought and sparklers in the middle of the street (along with the rest of the entire block 🙂 ) -SO WORTH IT!

– Hiked Multnomah Falls -one of the most gorgeous waterfalls I’ve ever seen- it also has been featured in a multitude of movies (i.e. Twilight)

Multnomah Falls (photo by: Chanel Hason)

– Checked out the Bonneville rainbow trout and white sturgeon fish hatchery  – saw the biggest sturgeons of my ENTIRE LIFE there! They raise this fish for release back into the wild, not for consumption (wahoo!)

Rainbow Trout (photo by: Chanel Hason)

– We stopped at Vista House at Crown Point to check out the unobstructed view of the Columbia River Gorge

– Drove to the coast – ended up at Pacific Beach where you can drive your car ON THE BEACH and park and enjoy the scenery. I got to do some tide-pooling- one of my favorite things 🙂

Pacific Beach (photo by: Chanel Hason)

– Visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory – had some awesome cheese samples (sharp cheddar is the BEST), and some delicious ice cream

– Went wine tasting a couple local Oregon wineries (I prefer California wines for sure 😉 ) – although frolicking through the vineyards was quite fun !

Oregon Wine Tasting

– Made a stop at the Nike Headquarters – where my cousin has been working for over 25 years. It really is the size of a small town! It’s beautiful, has lots of sports fields/facilities, a lake, 2 running tracks… purely amazing! The ESPN High School 7ON event was occurring that day which meant 14 NFL players were roaming around. Being from Dallas, I’m a huge Cowboys Football fan- and luckily we got to chat with Felix Jones of the Cowboys! What a nice guy..

Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys

-Went shopping at the Nike Employee Store (hello 50% of all merchandise and a new pair of awesome running shoes 😀 )

– Partied in Downtown Portland with my cousin and his girlfriend and his best friend. Had a TON of fun dancing the night away! Then of course we hit up the famous VooDoo Doughnuts at 3am for some tasty treats. I got the Arnold Palmer donut- yummm!

Mmm VooDoo Doughnuts!

– We spent some more quality family time together… it was so nice meeting my new little cousins I can’t even put it into words- they are going to be little beach blonde heartbreakers.

Before we left for the airport, I drew them some fun chalk ocean animals on their driveway. 

Cousin Love!

I really had a great time in Oregon- we are going to try and make it a tradition to go up there every year for the 4th of July. The weather was perfect, the people were so nice, and being surrounded by family was just the best feeling in the world. Thanks for a great time Dina, Bill, Alex, Tiffany, Zach, Archie, Nolan, and Sawyer!

Radiohead + Jude Law + Greenpeace = Homeless Polar Bear


It’s no surprise that the Arctic is melting away at an extremely fast so sad.

The depletion of the Arctic is a result of a multitude of factors: oil drilling, industrial fishing practices, and political conflict. Recently, Greenpeace initiated a campaign entitled: Save the Arctic

So how do you make an impact on people nowadays? Make a YouTube Video!

Greenpeace just released this emotional video of a homeless polar bear roaming the streets of London to spread awareness about the Arctic melting. The video includes music by Radiohead and commentary by Jude Law (Awesome band and amazing actor- can’t go wrong there!). Check it out:

Pretty interesting video, huh? Thought it was worth the share. We’ve got to save the polar bears!

On that note, I’m MIA for a couple days heading up to Portland to visit family and enjoy the 4th Of July! I’ll have plenty of new videos and photos to share with you all when I return.

In the meanwhile, live happy, life free, and enjoy those around you! 

It’s Monday- Learn Something New!


Welcome to the beginning of another week. I can’t believe it’s April..where does the time go?!

I wanted to share this TED Talk that has some amazing footage of the basis of the largest food chain on the planet- plankton.

I kind of have an affinity for larval images and videos since I did my Great Barrier Research on tube worm larvae (I’ll post a video of them after the TED Talk 🙂 ). They look like little Michelin Men babies filled with orange goo-seriously though 🙂

Be amazed.