Radiohead + Jude Law + Greenpeace = Homeless Polar Bear

It’s no surprise that the Arctic is melting away at an extremely fast so sad.

The depletion of the Arctic is a result of a multitude of factors: oil drilling, industrial fishing practices, and political conflict. Recently, Greenpeace initiated a campaign entitled: Save the Arctic

So how do you make an impact on people nowadays? Make a YouTube Video!

Greenpeace just released this emotional video of a homeless polar bear roaming the streets of London to spread awareness about the Arctic melting. The video includes music by Radiohead and commentary by Jude Law (Awesome band and amazing actor- can’t go wrong there!). Check it out:

Pretty interesting video, huh? Thought it was worth the share. We’ve got to save the polar bears!

On that note, I’m MIA for a couple days heading up to Portland to visit family and enjoy the 4th Of July! I’ll have plenty of new videos and photos to share with you all when I return.

In the meanwhile, live happy, life free, and enjoy those around you! 

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