No Sunshine= Negative Nancy

So, I’ve got to wake up at 7:30am during the weekdays to get to work by 8:30am. And if any of my friends and family know- I am NOT a morning person.

And to make matters Monterey, specifically Marina, the weather for the summer has consistently been overcast and windy and cold each and EVERY DAY!

If it was sunny…I think I would be more awake and positive about the day. But since it’s not, I have noticed how negative and upset I get.  It’s frustrating when the weather effects your emotional state- but it REALLY DOES for me. There is no way I could spend another full summer up in Monterey again. I think it’s negative for my life and relationships in general.


As shown above-> the sun= a happy Chanel.

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  1. Nuthing is negative in this world…its our mind who creates it 🙂 Mind is very cunning…Enjoy every season …lil bit philosophical :)…well love ur writing u octopus girl 🙂

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