Champagne Anyone? The Vintage: 200 years ago!

In the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland- scuba divers discovered cases of what is currently the world’s oldest (drinkable) champagne in a shipwreck!

Talk about an old vintage of some bubbly goodness?!

The bottles are guestimated to be from the 1780’s. The wreck was over 200 feet into the depths of the big blue.

The divers said the champagne tasted “very sweet, with a tobacco taste and oak.” There are an estimated total of around 30 bottles found. Gosh I would LOVE to taste a glass- wouldn’t you?!

Speaking of beverages made from grapes- I work at a wine tasting room in Carmel Valley, California.

Joullian! We have some fantastic wine. And tomorrow I am heading to our vineyard (for the first time) tomorrow to meet up with our wine maker- Ridge Watson (Tom Watson the pro golfer’s brother). I’m very excited and will be bringing my camera to document the journey! Be ready for some new pictures soon 🙂

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