Joullian Vineyard: Where The Magic Happens!

So I work in the wine tasting room for Joullian Vineyards. And today I finally got to go to the actual vineyard (17 miles inland from the actual tasting room) and get a tour!

It’s quite the windy road to Cachagua where our vineyard is located. It takes an hour to get there from my house- so driving at 8am on windy roads will definitely make sure you are awake. I saw some quails, and a mom and her bambi baby fawn cross the street. It was quite foggy (marine fog) the whole way- and of course when I turned onto the road to the vineyard- the sky cleared (TAH DAH!).

The property is about 650 acres with I believe it was 8 plots of vineyards. Very cool. Even got to do some barrel tasting. There was a barrel that was made during one of the years there was a fire in Carmel Valley. Ew.. is all I have to say. Fire-and-grapes-do-not-mix. No worries. We aren’t bottling that.

Anywho- Ridge Watson- our winemaker- was very kind and generous and loved to tell stories about the vineyard, and how wine growing became popular in Carmel Valley. It was fantastic!

Here are some of the pictures I got from this morning. Hope you like them 🙂


  1. like the lazy pooch pic. os so you think you’d be able to get your winery to donate a case to an OKEANIS fundraiser? Grad student there works on the boat as a naturalist, they’re looking at wineries to donate to a “Dance with the Dolphins” fundraiser.

  2. Learning the lengths of time it takes to make 1 bottle of wine is quite the eye opener. Your pictures are wonderful! Keep up the good writing, and photographs are a added pleasure!

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