Too Much Plastic, For One Planet To Handle

5 Gyre Project

It is said that this is an “island” made out of plastic floating in the middle of  the Pacific Ocean at the moment. There are also endless amounts of useless/unnecessary plastic that is used to double wrap things we buy at the grocery store. Pulling this out of my own head- but I would guess that there are enough water bottles on the planet for each individual to fill 10 refrigerators full of them.

Unfortunately plastic doesn’t break down completely. The smallest size plastic breaks down to is called “nurdles.” It is said that there is 6x more plastic in the Pacific Ocean than plankton. And there is A LOT A LOT of plankton in the this fact is very overwhelming.

With that in mind, there might be hope at the end of the tunnel for all the excess plastic on this earth.


Recent research has concluded with FUNGI THAT EATS PLASTIC! After plastic had been blasted with ultraviolet light, this certain fungi was able to breakdown the plastic.

Biosphenol A (or BPA) is a worry sum  chemical that is withing plastic. Luckily during/after the fungi breaks down plastic, this harmful chemical is not leeched. FANTASTIC NEWS! So if you’ve ever wondered why bottled water has an expiration date- it’s water isn’t it?- it’s because after a certain amount of time, BPA eventually degrades from the plastic and leeches into the water.

So thankfully, this is a set in the right direction for our planet, at least in my perspective.

If you want to do your part- please use alternative materials from plastic- such as stainless steel instead of plastic water bottles. REI sells some really good ones- and recently you can find alternatives at Target and similar stores. I have a Klean Kanteen and I LOVE IT!

My Pretty Klean Kanteen.

Do your part.


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