Soy Surfboards? Gnarly Dude.

Finally, Sustainable Surfboards Have Arrived!

Biofoam Surfboards

Although I am not a big surfer myself, I have lots of friends who are avid surfers from NorCal-> SoCal. So this post is for them- and to any other surfers from around the globe.

The core of surfboards is made out of foam- which makes them light and easy to carry in and out of the water. With BioFoam used to make surfboards- one toxic element in the average surfboard is eliminated. It is suggested that Biofoam production results in 36% less global warming emissions and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use.

Biofoam: Invented by Chuck Menzel from Ventura, CA. Made out of nearly 50% plant-based materials and does not contain any toxic materials known to be harmful to the environment or humans. In particular, the cell structure of Biofoam is denser- and petroleum-based polyol has been replaced with organic and domestic soy polyol. Don’t go taking a bite out of your surfboard though when you are sitting out on the waves…silly.

Chuck teamed up with Homeblown to produce the first Biofoam surfboards. These new boards are as strong and lightweight as any foam blanks on the market. The Biofoam boards have excellent strength and flex as well- what’s not to like?!

OR check out the Discovery News Video on Biofoam Boards.


  1. The boards are so sicky! I’ve got a biofoam board and I love it. The industry definitely needs to clean up, as do clothing companies. It’ll be so killer when everyone is wearing clothes made of bamboo threading and surfing biofoam boards.

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