OLDEST Animal Life Found?

Not many people know that humans have not been on this earth very long. (Especially how we treat the planet like we own it…) We can into existence 2 million years ago, when the planet originated 4.5 BILLION years ago. So there were lots of life on this planet before humans were ever alive.

Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest animal fossil which date back to 650 million years ago. These fossils are most similar to under water sponges found in Southern Australia.

This discovery pushes back the fossil record for animals by about 70 million years. The last previously oldest hard-bodied animals were also marine organisms called Namacalathus which only daye back around 550 million years ago.

Great Barrier Reef-Australia

I love how life primarily started out in the oceans. It makes my profession and love for the marine environment even more exciting and exhilarating!

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