Well, Goodbye Summer.

Summer: Sun, Swimming, & A Good Book.

It seems as though the 2010 summer has come to an end. Although my summer was mostly filled with 3 jobs, and cold/cloudy weather- it did have some ups. Mostly time spent with friends, the boyfriend, and family were the highlights of my summer.

Tomorrow is the first day of the last semester (fingers crossed) of my time here at Cal State Monterey Bay. It has been a great learning experience over the last 4 years of my time here (well actually 3 years since I spent last year abroad in Australia).  It’s a beautiful place to be in college, but I’m so ready to explore what to do with the rest of my life after I graduate.

I’m contemplating Grad School..in Marine Science after taking a year off of course. I want to get and internship (hopefully at National Geographic) in Washington D.C. to make connections and get some great experience in the conservation world, as well as public sphere. I was born to make a difference-in terms of spreading ocean conservation and knowledge. I just now have to see where I fit in with the world…


  1. Good luck Chanel! I hope you get the National Geographic internship – that’d be an awesome place to work at! It makes me happy that being so young, you already know what you want to do in life. 😀

  2. You are meant to do great things, to make things happen, but most of all to show others what they need to do to improve our planet.

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