\Heat Wave/

So, I lived in Monterey Bay CA over the whole summer this year. I’ve been going to school here 4 years. Summer here really isn’t hot at all…mostly foggy and a chilly 60 and below. Hardly ever is it warm enough to wear shorts or a short-sleeved shirt all together at once.

But of course- when the freshmen and family move into the dorms the weekend before school starts- somehow the weather magnificently changes. It’s sunny, hot, and beautiful. Right now, its 81 degrees at 11am. It has NEVER been this hot on the coast during this entire summer. But I know soon enough, Monterey’s real weather will pop it’s cold head back up soon in a couple days. Back to coastal fog reality for everyone.

I just wish I could go sit at Carmel Beach today instead of class… :/

My Friend Skimboarding Carmel Beach

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