Sunny San Francisco

I had to go to San Fran this weekend for a conference at SFSU. Luckily I have some friends who live RIGHT next to campus 🙂

After my conference I had my alumni friends from CSUMB (Nic and his gf Liz), and one of my best friends from childhood (Eric and his gf Nicole) come together to have  some fun! Sometimes it feels like I live in 2 different worlds when I hang out with my friends from college, and my friends from home separately. Both know me from different parts of my life. Eric knew me from the middle of 4th grade through now. Although we didn’t see very much of each other during our college years- we seemed to make it work. Nic knew me during my Sophomore year at CSUMB until now.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s nice to have both of these friends together at once- so at least one of them will know what I’m talking about if I bring up South Pasadena (home) or something that happened at CSUMB. Ok I will get off my soapbox about that..haha

So anywho- we went to Golden State Park! We took the 2 dogs at Nic’s house and we all packed in the car. It was a beautiful sunny day, with the clouds rushing by fast across the sky with the wind. We decided to play some disc golf (also known as frisbee golf). Now Nic is pretty dang good, and Liz isn’t too bad either. But Eric, Nicole, and I are very amateur at the whole game haha. So we definitely had some funny moments- with trees especially. Here are some pics from this weekend 🙂

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